Trikes & Beyond

This is a wonderful category.  We have learned that there are more and more interesting, practical and incredibly efficient ways to use bicycle wheels, DC motors and electricity.  In some cases, to offer you the best combinations, we are doing some of the manufacturing ourselves.  Nothing in this category is a bicycle.  But everything in this category uses the e-bike principals to assist people as they pedal themselves, their stuff, and in one case, their own bicycles through town and country.


The RideKick is not a bike at all, just the electric part in a cute little package.  Think R2D2, with bigger wheels and faster, but dumber.  Many people love the bikes they already have, but wish to stick a toe into electric land.  Let’s say you wish to enter electric land but on your own bike.  The RideKick is your portal.  It is a small two-wheeled trailer that contains a 500 watt motor, a 24 volt 12 amp hour, sealed lead acid battery, with room for 3 or 4 bags of groceries as well.  It pushes your own bicycle along at 19 mph.  Once it is set up, you can take it on and off your bike in 2 minutes or less.  If you install throttles and additional option hub kits on your other bikes, they all become 2 minute candidates for the pushing power of the RideKick.  RideKick is also our least expensive way to go electric.  The entry level model sells for $749.  About the only meaningful option is doubling the battery power which takes the price to $999.  We also plan to engineer a good system for attaching a bag for secondary storage and perhaps an infant seat attachment as well. 




The Husky Electric Cargo Trike, partially made in Mexico by an American company, and partially made by us in Seattle, has capabilities as amazing as it looks.  Here it is:

As you can see, it is a reverse tricycle with a single wheel in the back and 2 wheels in the front.  This design allows for an enormous cargo space and Husky’s extremely strong design allows for a terrific payload (400 lbs in addition to the weight of the rider).  This E-trike is a truck.  You can use it to move a refrigerator to your new apartment in or the entire contents of a dorm room in 2 or 3 trips.  This can be accomplished by pedal power alone, but at Seattle E-Bike we thought you might like some help, especially when you come to a hill, so we have equipped it with a 750 watt motor.  Actually two different types of 750 watt motors.  One will easily push it 20 mph without pedaling (and without the refrigerator).  Pedal with some vigor, and with our 9 speed derailleur you could go 25.  (Warning:  this is a serious stuff moving machine and is designed so that you should always carry 50 lbs in the front.)  Powered by an economical 36 volt 9 amp hour sealed lead acid battery, with other battery options.

The other motor is also 750 watts, but it is designed for constant heavy weight or for tight spaces.  It is geared down so it only goes 14 mph without pedaling, but it has a 3 mph power reverse gear !! That could come in very handy if you are in a tight spot with a refrigerator in the front.  Incredibly, we are able to sell either of these hardworking electric cargo trikes, the zero carbon equivalent of a small truck that is bike path legal, with all the electric power you will ever need, and all of the pedal power you care to provide, all through a 9 speed derailleur for only $1995, with 2 extra disk brakes, 1 for each load bearing wheel.

The Husky Sport Trike

Some folks just want an ordinary tricycle but with electric assist.  It may be because they are simply more comfortable on a spoked vehicle that is completely stable.  It may be because they have a physical condition that causes balance problems or other problems that make a tricycle a more comfortable fit, or, it may be that they just like tricycles.  Here is a picture of a blue one:

The Husky Sport e-trike comes with a 500 watt motor that without pedaling will take the trike to a maximum speed of 18 mph, slower if you throttle back, faster if you pedal as well.  We also offer the same forward/reverse option that we have available on the cargo trike.  Top speed with that set up is about 14 mph, more if you pedal, and reverse is 2-3 mph.  A tricycle is not quite as easy to maneuver in a tight spot as a bicycle which may make this feature come in handy, and it may be essential for people with medical or physical conditions.  This trike is a fabulous bike for people who are going through physical rehabilitation, since as their rehabilitation progresses, they can use less and less of the electrical assist.  At the same time, they have an opportunity to travel outdoors over much greater range than they otherwise would.  We think of it as our most liberating product.  The Husky comes in blue and burgundy.   

Like the Cargo Trike, the Sports e-trike is partially manufactured by us in Seattle, one floor below our shop, and costs $1579 with one disk brake and 1 coaster brake, $1649 with 2 disk brakes and a coaster brake.


We can special order and build for you a variety of cargo trikes.  Come on in and look at our catalog and talk to our staff.


Our final product (for now) is the E-Bike Kit.  This is the E-answer for everyone else.  Like Festivus, but for E-bikes.  The kits costs $499 and you have your choice of 500 watt, 750 watt, front direct drive, rear direct drive, or forward/reverse gear models for either the front or the rear wheel.  The geared models go about 14 mph if you don’t pedal, and 2-3 mph in reverse.  The 500 watt model will take you 19 to 20 mph, if you don’t pedal.  The 750 watt model will power most bicycles to 25-28 mph, although we can adjust it to max out at 20 mph if you want your e-bike to be a legal bicycle. 

There are many, many battery permutations, beginning at approximately $200 and ranging up to about a $1000 for a high-end lithium setup.  Please come in and talk to our sales staff if you are not going to be supplying your own electrons.

The E-Bike Kit Company is located in Newportville, Pennsylvania, and many of the components, as well as finally assembly, are performed in the Untied States.

It is not our most visually interesting product, but here is a picture anyway.

E-Bike Kit

Our mechanical department is also happy to install these kits on the conveyance of your choice.  Please come in for a consult and a quote.