Fat Bikes

Fat Sand Bikes, like our Prodeco bikes, are built in the United States.  Fat Bikes are the humvees of the biking world.  While Prodeco uses a fairly standard 2 1/8 inch mountain bike tire, Fat Sand Bikes use a 4.8 inch wide, yes, 4.8 inch wide, 30 inch tall tire.  These bikes are amazing to behold. When our staff takes them out for a test ride, it takes them forever to make it back to the shop, so many people want to see them up-close and talk about them.  Fat Bikes are tremendous for off road work of all kinds.  If you let most of the air out of the tires, they are amazing on loose sand and unstoppable in snow.  Fat Bikes are by far and away the most popular bike design in Alaska for that reason.

Most impressive of all is the e-bike version of the Fat Bike, to our knowledge the only non-custom electric fat bike in the world. Because the power hub is on the front and eight speed Alfine gear box, internally sealed from sand and salt, is on the back, if you pedal, you have the world’s first all wheel drive bicycle, one that is so light, it floats on the snow and with the slender profile of a bike, even a Fat Bike, you can go around the bad stuff that will stop jeeps and ATV’s.  Fat Bikes are available in a stunning array of primary colors as well as basic black.

We have had the joy of learning that Fat Bikes are also superb at roaring down mountain trails.  For that reason, we acquired not only exclusive distribution rights for the Seattle area, but for Whistler, BC, as well.  Whistler is the second largest ski resort in North America and in the summer has equipped 2 of its lifts to carry mountain bikes up 4000 vertical feet.  From the top, you can pick from approximately 80 miles of trails on your ride down.  Check out the video from our trip on the Videos section of our website. Hunters should know you can legally take a fat bike on Forest Service Hunting Lands.

Our Fat Bike Gears.  One thing that is different (and better) about our Fat Bike than any of the competition we are aware of is our gearing systems.  Instead of derailleur gears that can be badly affected by sand or salt on the beach or salt that has been mixed with snow, or which can be easily damaged in trail racing by rocks, roots, etc., all of our Fat Bikes have bullet proof internal hubs by Shimano.  Our entry level Cruiser has a 3 speed internal Shimano Nexus gear with a coaster brake, to which we have added a discbrake in the front because of the hills and the rain we have here in Seattle. 

Our Mountain Monster and the Cascade E-Bike Monster employ Shimano’s finest internal hub, the Alfine, a superbly assembled 8 speed smooth, precision sealed unit with fittings that permit us to install an extraordinary powerful twin hydraulic brake system.

Fat Tire in the City

Fat Bikes also make really good urban warriors.  Great on hard surfaces, the shock absorbing capabilities of the fat tires allow you to go up curbs at 10 miles an hour while barely noticing it.  You can go up (or down) flights of stairs if you are so inclined (we have lots of outdoor stairs in Seattle).

Four reasons these bikes go so well in the city: (1) while they look like they weigh more, they are only 2-4 pounds heavier than the typical mountain bike; (2) look at the tire, specifically the patented speed strip.  When you are on the hard and flat, that slick strip is your contact, giving you the same or less contact with the road as a mountain bike: (3) look at the tire again.  It is 30 inches tall.  Bumps do not slow these big boys down.  Finally, the wheelbase.  This is your daddy’s Cadillac of a bike, and the long wheel base smoothes things out, and lessens the chance both wheels are in ugly stuff at the same time.

True we are Seattle E-Bike.  But some of the Fat Bikes are the exception that proves the rule.  Our primary focus is the Fat E-Bike, but all of these vehicles are so useful, we decided to carry some of the purely human powered bikes as well. 

This has turned out to be a happy decision as people are so amazed by them, they are being sold to people who already have an e-bike or those folks with the $7000 carbon fiber road bike who simply are not ready yet to consider electrical assist, but would like something different from time to time. 

We offer 4 Fat Bike Models in many colors: the Fat Cruiser, the Terrain Destroyer, the Mountain Monster, and the Cascade E-Monster.


The first we are offering is one of their near entry level 3-speed bikes with a front disc brake installed by us for an extra margin of safety. It is called the Cruiser.  The steel frame version is $899.  The slightly lighter aluminum frame is $999. 

We also rent the steel version of the Cruiser.


Our Terrain Destroyer comes with an 8 speed hub gear, which works much better in the challenging Northwest environment.  They are fabricated from Aluminum instead of steel, which lowers the weight as well, and allows you to choose a 15 inch, 17 inch or 20 inch frame, while the starter bike comes in any size, as long as it is 17”.  For $1249, you have a bike that will go anywhere a $4000 fully suspended mountain bike will go, except you should stay within 5-8 feet of the ground on a mountain trail, which you should do anyway if you are more than 23.  We will even give you a 6-month warranty against flats on all fat bikes.  If you need more gearing, we can turn this bike into a 16 speed, for a total price of $1599, as the addition of a 2 speed crank is difficult.

We currently are having an introductory rental of the Terrain Destroyer for the amazing price of $25 a day.


The Mountain Monster is designed to match or beat the quality of any Fat Bike out there.  For $2295 we offer a 16-speed version of this human powered Fat Bike to which we have added many, many ultra high performance parts.  There are a number of other companies selling high-end Fat Bikes.  We believe that our offering is the best value in this category.  This bike is so strong that you will be able to ride it off a 20 foot mountain trail jump and only worry about your own body.  We add extremely powerful hydraulic disc brakes, which combined with aggressive tread and 4.8 inch fat tires, have astonishing stopping power.  When we were designing it, I asked my mechanic, a former downhill racer, “Who, other than a pro, would want to go off a 20 foot jump on a bicycle?”  I got my answer in Whistler.  Thousands of people, but not contemporaries of mine.  This bike is not just for them, it is for anyone who wants to know that they have an indestructible machine for urban use as well as the most challenging mountain trails. For snow, slush, ice (put in studs) swampland, woodland trail including 40 mph downhill trails, curbs, steps, virtually every obstacle, this is the bike, and no customer has ever mentioned having a flat. 

This high end bike is essentially similar to a “Monster” from Fatsand Bikes, but with even more powerful brakes (it is not unusual on downhill and cross-country trails to hit 50 mph) and competition quality headsets, stems, cranks, seats, pedals and on and on.  There is so much more to it than the regular Monster that it deserves its own name, and it has one … the Mountain Monster.

We have added these high quality components to create the Mountain Monster:

·      30 inch x 4.8 inch aggressive tread downhill tires front & rear;

·      FSA Gravity Lite 175 mm Crankset;

·      Truvativ Giga Pipe Team DH Isis Bottom Bracket;

·      FSA Pig DH Sealed Headset;

·      Truvativ Hussefelt Comp Comp Riser Bar; Truvativ Hussefelt Stem;

·      Avid Elixer 5 level Hudraulic Brakes, front & rear with 205 mm rotors; and

·      Ringle Zuzu Pedals

In addition, we’ve added a heavy duty bottom bracket, front derailleur and many small parts that all contribute to the bike’s strength and performance.  


The Cascade E-Monster has amazing all-wheel drive capability.    This bike is powered by highly sophisticated 750 watt geared hub motor which limits top speed to the legal limit of 20 but dramatically increases low end torque on hill climbing ability.  It is powered by a 36 volt 14.5 amp hour Panasonic lithium battery on the 17 and 20 inch versions, and an 11.5 amp hour battery on the 15 inch version.

We have taken Fat Sand Bike’s E-Monster, the world’s first truly serious electric Fat Bike, and upgraded it for rugged Northwest conditions by adding the Alfine 8 speed hub and front and rear hydraulic brakes with large rotors.  These are about $700 in upgrades at the retail level. We offer  this amazing machine for $3495.

This bike is a true All Wheel Drive Vehicle.  The e-power is in the front, the person power is in the rear.  So this is a bike that can go where no other two wheeled vehicle can go.  We have calculated that if you lower the tire pressure to 5-8 pounds, which you should do for deep snow, deep sand or swamp, it has about 30% of the footprint of the oldest and the best, the original H1 Humvee, 25% when the Humvee driver presses the drop air pressure button you are still at 25% of the foot print of a vehicle that is 65 times as heavy!  So you have 15-20 times the traction per pound.  Load both vehicles up, and you are still at 10 times the traction.  Ice?  Studs are available.  Finally, if you do get blocked, just pick up its 65 pounds (35-40 for a non-electric) (6000+ for the H1) and walk around your problem.  Try that with a 600 pound ATV dripping gasoline if you roll it on its side or think about two fence posts 16 inches apart with barbed wire as far as the I can see, like those that may keep you from USFS Hunting Lands.  FYI, the electric can go in 16 inches of average new snow, 12 inches of true Cascade cement, and cross 12 inch streams because there is no need to prevent water from entering the e-hub. The non-e-bikes can get across streams up to near the tops of their tires, and more for folks willing to carry 50 pounds of lead in their pockets.

Cost:  the 17 inch is $3495 with a 14.5 amp hour 36 volt lithium battery with a high c rating which will take you 30 miles full speed on the flats without pedaling, and much more with your help.  Range in more hilly terrain is more variable.  The 15 inch comes with a 11.5 amp hour lithium battery.  Despite the smaller battery, it is the same price because it is aluminum (except the fork which is steel for safety).  Aluminum is marginally lighter, and more expensive to make, and the battery price and the aluminum price cancel each other out.  

The 20 inch frame is $100 more because it is both aluminum and has the larger battery.

Hunters, this bike holds a gun rack very nicely.  It is also available in Camo (for $80 extra).  Really more important is that it is barrier proof, goes through most anything, and DOES IT WITH A TINY FRACTION OF THE NOISE OF A 16 TO 28 HP GAS OR DIESEL MOTOR BANGING AWAY ON A 600 LB ATV.  By the way, your 20-40-miles of range will cost you about a nickel’s worth of electricity.  You can also play it safe and buy an extra battery.

A quick word about brakes.  On any given surface, nothing will stop faster than a tire with the fat tires’ foot print when controlled by hydraulic disc brakes with 200 mm calibers.

This bike is quite simply, the ultimate outdoorsman’s machine.

The Cascade E-Monster comes in a variety of colors and sizes.  The 15 inch and 17 inch cost $3499; the 20 inch costs $3599.

WE DO HAVE THESE IN STOCK RIGHT NOW, SO GIVE US A CALL 206 324-8000 OR SHOOT US AN EMAIL info@electricbikeseattle.com. 

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