Prodeco 2013

Prodeco Technologies is the company that inspired us to start Seattle E-Bike.  They were the first, and are still the only, company which builds in the U.S., a 500 watt E-bike that is stylish, rugged, and an all around beautiful performer.  Having a 500 watt battery is very important to us because e-bikes with lower power, or with smaller motors than Prodeco that overdrive them to higher power levels, simply are not suited to the hilly environs of Seattle.

Demand outstripped supply in 2012 as everyone discovered Prodeco all at once.  The good news for 2013 is that Prodeco has acquired a much larger factory, have greatly increased their work force, and are computerizing their parts inventory.  (Parts shortages were part of last year’s supply problem).  In addition, they have made a number of small improvements to every bike in their line. 

We are really excited about the new pearly white Stride in the 2013 collection. Now you have a choice of black or white for Prodeco's great-selling step-through E-bike, both with a powerful 500W motor, great for Northwest terrain. 


As we have recently blogged, Prodeco is raising some prices on some models for 2013.  Yet there is still no one who can come close to matching their value.  (These increases will allow them to finance their expansion so anyone who wants one, can have one).  Amazingly, you will still be able to purchase a 500 watt Storm, Genesis or Stride, for the same old price of $1299.  However, we have always told our customers that the Phantom line was seriously underpriced, offering at least $250 in additional value over the other lines for only an additional $100.  The Phantom is, with the possible exception of the Outlaw, still the best value but at $1299, $1399 and $1499, $100 more than last year.  In addition, the Mariner 7 and the 250 and 300 watt Storms, Strides, and Genesi, which are designed for the flatter territories we serve via internet, are also going up $100. 

The Seattle store may still have a few 2012s in stock at a lower price; call 206 344-8000 or email to check or stop by to try them out yourself!

Prodeco continues to warrant the frame not only for the life of the owner but the life of any transferee and puts a 2 year parts warranty on everything else, including an industry-beating 2 year warranty of the batteries.  With the lifetime warranty on the frame, the manufacturer Prodeco can also provide free brake pads for life. Please visit their website for more information at .

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