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We have in our front window the best E-Bike in the world.  It is the top of the line from Stealth, the Stealth Bomber.  That quite a statement to make.  But it is our sincere belief.  If you find something better, let us know.

There are other bikes in the world that are faster, but they were all hand built by do-it-yourselfers in their garage.  There are few other bikes that claim to be the best, but either (1) they are not or (2) they don’t really exist, being the e-bike version of vaporware.

Audi joint ventured with Ducati to make a prototype, worth searching You Tube.  It is much slower than ours, cost millions to develop and promote, and there is a weak rumor that they are going into production some day at about 40k a pop.  However, it is arguably even more beautiful than the Stealth.  As in Museum piece.  The Stealth is in steady, although slow, handmade to order production in Australia.

The Stealths are hand-built to order in Australia.  They have an aircraft grade CroMoly monoque frame.  Ours is the 176th one ever built.  They are very beautiful, while at the  same time screaming “action movie.”  Every single component seems to be perfect.  It has a suspension that will let you effortlessly go off of those 20 foot jumps in Whistler.  It will go 50 miles or more on a charge.  Most of all, it is heart-stoppingly fast.  It will go over 50 mph, but even more remarkably will get there in absolute silence, most of the way so quickly it will take your breath away. 

Everything, even the Stealth Bomber, is a compromise.  Compromise #1 is the $11,000+ price, although when you look at it closely, you can see where every dime goes.  Compromise #2 – it is not a legal bicycle under the laws of any state I know about.  When they deliver it to you it has a governor reducing the power to a bike legal 750 watts from the 4500 watts that are available.  However, what then would be the point.  Like using a Ferrari to tow an out of service bus.  This bike is for off-road use, for velodrome use, for use on your 4000 acre ranch some place in the West or for the buyer who does not mind an occasional ticket. 

This bike is as rare as hen’s teeth.  We own bike No. 176 and it is estimated that the vast majority of them are located in Australia and Asia.  In all likelihood there are less than 15 bikes in North America.  So you are not only purchasing the world’s best e-bike, and the most exciting vehicle you will ever ride, but a family heirloom, as well.  The only negative is that we cannot sell our demonstrator model, and it is very unusual for the North American distributor to have even one bike in stock.  Therefore, we take a $4000 non-refundable deposit and order you a bike from Australia, where they will hand-make it to your order.  Order now and by early to mid- Spring you will have your Stealth.  If you want to speed up the process, Stealth has an arrangement with Quantas to air ship the bike for $800 rather than the more customary $2500+/- shipping expense.  This item comes in a custom built wood crate, not a box, thus the expense.

We are converting our first Stealth to a street-legal electric powered motor vehicle and we will do that for our customers who want it for a price we cannot determine yet.  In Washington State, you also need a motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s license.

The capabilities of this machine are awesome and it also represents the zenith of what lithium batteries combined with DC motors and 2 wheels can do.  It will out accelerate most gas powered cars and motorcycles to 40.  It really is a bicycle, pedals its 111 lbs fairly easily, goes 50 mph and has a 50 mile range.  It carries 24 amp hour of lithium at 72 volts, the equivalent of 4 Prodeco Phantom X2 batteries.  Further, there is a less powerful one you can buy that only weighs 71 lbs – the Fighter. 

Please go to site:  At the top of this section is the 4500 watt, 50 mph, top of the line Bomber, in black, the exact bike we currently have in the shop.  Below is the fighter.



Here is hoping your ship comes in so that you can buy the most amazing bicycle I have ever driven.


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