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Exellent Quality Control at the Shop

All of the bikes we sell at the store are carefully checked, tuned and test driven before delivery to the customer.  We have implemented an airplane pilot style checklist system whereby the mechanic and a second person go through a checklist for every bike before it leaves the store. 

As of February 2013, we have hired a new, highly-qualified chief mechanic, Sawyer Hoverter, who has tons of experience in professional bicycle repair and maintenance of traditional and e-bikes. We think you’ll be pleased with the high quality of his work.

Sawyer comes to us with a decade of bike mechanic experience on every kind of bike (traditional and electric conversions) from the dirtiest of commuters to the shiniest of racing machines, from cargo bikes of all kinds to BMX bikes. Sawyer performed over 1000 tune-ups a year for five years as an apprentice and then mechanic at Aaron’s Bicycle Repair in West Seattle. He also was a mechanic for two years at Georgetown’s Bike So Good and at Cycle University’s training facility. In addition, Sawyer served as Operations Manager at a large BMW motorcycle shop, so he brings years of organizational and administrative experience to Seattle E-Bike as well as his mechanical expertise. A lifelong Northwest native, Sawyer graduated from the University of Washington where he was on the rowing team and majored in Fine Arts. 

Below is a pic of Sawyer demonstrating how surprisingly light our Fat Bikes are. 

Sawyer is transforming our repair shop! We encourage you to bring your bike in and have him take a look. He’s here Tuesday-Saturday. Call to schedule your tune-up or repair appointment today!

We’ve Combined Personal Service with the Worldwide Reach of Internet Sales

The worldwide reach of the internet is wonderful, for the merchant who gets a worldwide market, and for consumers, who have all the product choices in the world wherever they may be located.

However, a bicycle, and especially an e-bike, is a complicated device, far more complex than most items sold on the internet.  The good ones, which are the only kind we stock, while very well designed to take the punishment of the road and off-road surfaces, they sometimes suffer minor misalignments during the intercontinental shipping process.  Totally different stresses. What our manufacturers have accomplished in creating such fine products at such reasonable prices is amazing.  However amazing is not miraculous.  To deliver the value they deliver, they have to use an assembly line and that line has to move along.  Perfection is simply not an option at 500 watts for $1299. 

On the day we resume e-commerce, every internet customer who purchases a complete e-bicycle is going to receive, at no charge, a voucher redeemable at the bike repair shop of their choice for final assembly, adjustment, and tune.  All we ask is that you leave the box sealed, take your e-bike straight there and let them do the work.  The voucher is only good if used within 10 days of your receiving the bike.  We have researched the market place and we believe $70 will purchase these services from an excellent bike repair shop in virtually every market in the country.  If you live in Manhattan or San Francisco, it may cost you a few dollars more, but then everything costs you a few dollars more. 

To facilitate this, we are currently contacting 400 of the leading repair shops around the country to enlist locations that will commit in advance to our program and promise our customers the service they deserve for the amount of their voucher.  In addition, for those customers who are having difficulty in locating a facility that will handle e-bikes, you can call our store in Seattle and we will make a connection for you.

As we are switching over to this system, we will still be tuning and adjusting some of the e-commerce bikes in Seattle and shipping them out. Any actual damage from shipping should be covered by FedEx.

Amazing New Stuff

While in addition to our ever expanding variety of accessories for the e-biker, we are delighted to report that we have added 7 new lines which marry spoked wheels, the outdoors, and electrons, plus 1 amazing line of strictly human powered bikes.  Prodeco continues as our core line, since their products have the most universal appeal. Please click on our Prodeco bike header to learn about all the new things Prodeco is doing in 2013.  Then keep going, and check out:  “Fat Bikes;” “Stealth Bikes;” and “Beyond Electric E-Bikes.”  The lines we added are such radically different combinations of battery power and bicycles that we are confident that they will each attract different users with different needs -- expanding e-bike capabilities to many new applications, and the non-carbon dependent market to the benefit of all.  


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