Quite often people will venture into our shop and simply ask us, "What is an E-Bike?" This concept is simple, yet still very new to the United States. An electric bike is just like any bike, except you have an electric motor, usually located in your front or rear tire, that propels you much faster and more efficiently. Some people ask us, "Well, doesn't having an electric bike completely defeat the purpose?" I don't know about you, but we would rather not shuffle into work looking flustered and sweaty or give up going 1 mph in first gear going up some of the most intimidatingly steep hills that Seattle and many other places have to offer. Some ask why haven't electric bikes been more popular? Go to places in Europe and you will be amazed by how many people actually ride these things! Maybe the US can't seem to shake the conveniences of having a car. But imagine having the conveniences of a car with the advantages of a bicycle... hmmm you don't say...

To better educate you, we have created a few videos that dig into what exactly our products are as well as who we are.  We hope you enjoy them.

Let's start with our good-looking, light-weight Mariner 7. If you are looking for a compact e-bike that can take you 35-50 miles at 18 miles per hour, and yet folds up and slips right into your own travel bag, well then, you will love the Mariner 7.

Whether your are using a plane, boat or an RV, the Mariner 7 is exactly what you need. Even for those that have limited space or prefer riding more upright, this bike will leave you with nothing but excitement. With 7 gears, minimum 35 miles in range for a light-pedaler, the Mariner 7 electric bike will let you explore your environments effortlessly!

Next are our race videos.  Joe, our man in the street, convinces complete strangers into racing Jean Paul, our Euro Racer friend with his incredible carbon fiber road bike that breaks the bank, which, alas for him, lacks electric assist.  These videos demonstrate riders racing up steep Seattle hills and illustrate how an ordinary cyclist can get such tremendous help from a 4 cent battery charge coupled to the right parts, as only Prodeco knows how. Give it a look and root for your favorite e-biker!

Our first racer has not ridden in 8 years! She was timid but Joe gave her just enough confidence to compete!

Our second is a middle aged business man racing in a suit! Not the best cycling gear but who cares when you have an E-Bike!

Our third racer brings some real size to the contest and still ride our e-bikes effortlessly!


 You might notice that the e-bike riders won, or at least kept up with the athletic, avid cyclist, Jean Paul, without having to break a sweat or show any signs of fatigue! Now, that's something.

Finally,  meet the Seattle E-BikeTeam: Brian Nordwall, President and Founder of Seattle E-Bike, (described by Seattle magazine as "Seattle's E-Bike evangelist) and you will see why.  Also appearing is Mikaela Bird, sales manager, and Tim Mezen, chief mechanic.   Together, with assists from many others, these folks are offering great-looking, powerful and long-ranged electric assist bikes for less than half the price of anything comparable just 18 months ago, and 40% less than their current competitors.  

These videos give you a peek at a product that is already owned by more than 35 million Northern European residents. With gas prices going up, traffic continually increasing, parking only becoming more difficult to find as each day passes (or here in Seattle, we are 300 percent more expensive than last year), you will understand why e-bikes are finally on fire in this country too. 

Practicalities aside, these bikes are so much fun.  We have given out at least 150 test rides, and each time our test riders return, they are grinning from ear to ear.  You owe yourself the experience.  Visit us online at, or call the store at 206-344-8000, or best of all visit us at 222 First Avenue South on 1st and Main St. in Seattle's historic, and beautiful, Pioneer Square District.  Tuesday through Saturday 11 am to 6:30 pm and noon to 5 on Sunday. We hope you enjoyed our videos!

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