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Jaw dropping race footage of Brammo's Empulse R with Steve Atlas


The eTricks Evolution S01 in Action

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Fire Sale Pricing List :

Dear Seattle E-Bike Customer:You may have heard or read that we are having THE biggest sale since we've opened.  It is both a clearance and a sale of the bikes that were involved in the fire.  Most of those bikes just had...

Fire Sale at Seattle E-Bike!

Against all odds, Seattle E-Bike has recovered from the fire and reopened.  It was tentative at first, but we are very close now to our former glory. It’s time for the fire sale!  Starting Friday, August 14th at 10 am...

More About Johnny Loco “Minivans”

Americans invented the minivan.  The Dutch invented the Cargo Trike, the low impact alternative.  Seattle E-Bike was the first to motorize them, but now the Dutch (and the Danes) are doing it too.  Our favorite is the Johnny Loco MTB....

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