Meet the Seattle E-Bike's President and Founder, Brian Nordwall,
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Jaw dropping race footage of Brammo's Empulse R with Steve Atlas


The eTricks Evolution S01 in Action

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Brammo's End of Summer Major Discount

Brammo just released a too good to be true end of summer sale for their 2013 and 2014 models. Currently, Seattle E-Bike has a 2013 Empulse R and a 2013 Enteria Plus up for grabs. Check them out online here....

Seattle E-bike is Heading to Interbike This September!

We are very excited to be going to Interbike in Las Vegas September 10-12! This will be the first year we will have our very own booth and we plan to show off several of our favorite bikes, including a...

Tips For Choosing a Biking Commute Route

1. Bike Lanes: Get to know where your city's bike lanes are for a safer ride. Places like Seattle offer Bike Maps to help you navigate. The SDOT's interactive map even offers different maps for different levels of comfort (Frequent Rider, Average...

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