Do You Enjoy Your Commute Yet?

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If you're a resident of Seattle, you know. If you drive in Seattle, you really know.

The traffic congestion is worsening on a daily basis and there's no relief in sight.

Even with ST3's Proposition 1 passing, it's too little, too late. Seattle and its outlining regions are currently struggling to transport their residents effectively through a dwindling and deteriorating transportation infrastructure. Reliance on state and city planning has proven ineffective in dealing with the realities population growth.

The truth is plain, simple and straightforward: it's up to us to change the way we get from A to B.

An electric assisted pedal bike (E-Bike), provides its rider the freedom from gridlock, the range to commute and the option exercise as intensely as desired. With electric assist, huge hills are flattened, making what was once a daunting ride much less challenging. On an E-bike, your commute becomes fun and invigorating - all while doing your part to unclog the transportation system and eliminate carbon emissions.

We're seeing that more and more people are discovering the freedom that e-bikes provide their riders. Additionally, our e-bikes aren't required to be licensed, use no costly fuel, are zero emission and are immune from parking tickets! So, if you like to save money and time, the next bit might also interest you...

E-bikes are an absolute blast to ride! When you visit us at Seattle E-Bike for a free test ride, you'll see what we mean. There's really no way to explain the sensation. The assisted pedal power lets you accelerate quickly and travel faster. Riding one is exhilarating and it's safer because you can keep up with urban traffic, maintain lane position and get from A to B faster. With more than 25 international brands in stock, financing resources and a show room staffed with friendly knowledgeable, no-pressure staff, we'll work closely with you to find your perfect E-bike.


Saturday Morning Rides Now Open to the Public!


Saturday mornings in Seattle are the perfect time to bond with fellow bikers. Here at Seattle E-Bike, we strongly believe that bike rides are essential to bonding our team so that’s why we have started Saturday morning rides, now open to the public!


We leave Saturday morning at 8:00am from our store, which is located at 570 1st Ave S. Seattle, WA 98104, right next to CenturyLink stadium. We ride down to Pike Place Market for breakfast and then explore Seattle for a little while before heading back. The route is always slightly different, but equally as fun each time!


We are hoping to encourage more of you to join us for our Saturday morning rides on your own ebike or non-motorized bicycle. If you don’t yet have a bike but are interested in an electric bike, it is also a great time to test ride an ebike. All you have to do is call at least 24 hours in advance of the ride and we will be happy to have an ebike ready for you to ride bright and early on Saturday morning.


We will continue this tradition all year long, so mark your calendars folks and let’s ride into the evolution of ebikes together!


August First Thursday Art Walk

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Happy First Thursday Art Walk!

This Thursday will be the first time that our entire Seattle E-Bike team enjoys the beautiful art in Pioneer Square, as opposed to showcasing our own art selection and entertainment. We are so happy to engage in this team bonding activity, after a very busy couple of weeks!

Catch us on our social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see keep up with us on our fun night on the town! Big thanks to our CEO and owner, Brian Nordwall, for treating us all out to dinner tonight! 



Seattle Electric Bike Expo Recap

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Last weekend we went to the Seattle Electric Bike Expo at Southcenter Mall in Tukwila, WA! The event was July 15-July 17 and had an attendance of about 6,000+ people. It was a pleasure being amongst other vendors and guests who were all interested in e-bikes.


The first day we arrived, it was a beautiful sunny day and time to get our booth ready for the weekend. We worked as a team to close off our area with some truss work and Seattle E-bike start and finish lines. Enclosed in a 40 x 20 space, we displayed our bike gallery. In the remaining 20x10 tented area, we set up our hospitality booth and seating area. To keep people happy and hydrated we served Vita Coco coconut water, water, coffee from Cone and Steiner General, Clif Bars, and truffle popcorn all weekend long.


Caption: The view from one of the tables in our hospitality booth. Taken right after set up on July 15, 2016.

The test track attracted many people driving by and brought in quite a few people on the first day, even though it was a short day from 3:00pm-7:00pm.

Day 2 started off bright and early. Little did we know, we were in for a couple surprises. The first surprise of the day came right after noon. Sammy the Batsquatch showed up to our booth and took our custom at bikeboard out for a spin on the test track. He was spotted earlier that week on KING5 Evening Magazine. He caused quite a spectacle as he whipped passed people on a vehicle that looked like a bike and skateboard hybrid.


Caption: Sammy the Batsquatch at the Electric Bike Expo, before he hopped on the bat board to ride on July 16, 2016.

The second surprise of the day came a lot later in the day, at the VIP party that Seattle E-Bike hosted for all the vendors and some special guests. We were all blown away by the performance of head mechanic, Purple Perry. As he swayed the room and made everyone fall in love with his original songs. It was a perfect way to end the longest day of the expo; with good music, good company and good food.


Caption: Purple Perry, jamming out on our Seattle E-Bike Stage on July 16, 2016.

The third and final day at the expo, started off with brunch for everyone, compliments of Seattle E-Bike. Even with all the attendees, we still had a ton of food left over. Rather than wasting it, we decided to share it with everyone at the expo! After a late night for some, it was the little boost they needed to conquer the last day of the expo. It made our entire team happy to see that by noon, all the food was gone and everyone at the expo was well fed.


Caption: Deb, the Social Media Coordinator and Jeremy, Senior VP, posing behind the brunch bar on Sunday, July 17, 2016.

Sunday was sunny and full of test rides, but it was unfortunate that the event was coming to an end. As the day winded down, we made sure to give a small thank you bag to each vendor, thanking them for coming to our VIP party and helping to make the event a success.


Caption: Deb, the Social Media Coordinator, before riding off to deliver thank you bags to all the expo vendors on July 17, 2016.

To end the weekend on a sweet note, the entire Seattle E-Bike team was rewarded with dinner on our awesome CEO, Brian Nordwall. We enjoyed participating in the Seattle Electric Bike Expo. We were able to make great connections with e-bike enthusiasts, e-bike manufacturers, and with other electric bike dealerships. Huge thanks to our hospitality sponsors; Vita Coco, Clif Bar and Cone and Steiner General, for making our booth a destination for all attendees. We would also like to thank all of the Expo staff members that kept the event running smoothly form setup to break down. They were very professional and courteous. Last, but not least, thanks to all of you who came out to the expo to check out some of our bikes and for visiting our store in the days following.


Vote for Seattle's Best Bike Shop


Seattle E-Bike is fortunate enough to be nominated as one of Seattle's Best Bike Shops, amongst some other great contenders! To decide the best bike shop in Seattle, it is up to voters of Seattle! 


If you believe that the best bike shop in town is Seattle E-Bike, then follow this link and vote for us 😀


Cone and Steiner Pioneer Square BBQ!

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Our neighbors, Cone and Steiner in Pioneer Square are having a BBQ today! It is open to the public, free food and drinks! The greatest part is that you can even catch a Pokemon! So to all you Pokemon Go lovers out there, we are pleased to say that you can enjoy free food and the opportunity to catch a Pokemon at the same time! What more could you ask for? Oh and did we mention that they have tasty coffee? Well, the coffee alone is reason enough to check them out! 

Event Details:

When: 4:00pm-8:00pm

Where: Pioneer Square Cone and Steiner

Why: To join Seattleites in the area with free food, drinks and Pokemon! 

To learn more about the event keep up with them on Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook

Twitter: cone&steiner 

Instagram Cone and Steiner

Facebook: Cone & Steiner






We are hiring an Executive Assistant to the Senior VP of Seattle E-Bike!

Looking for an exciting opportunity to learn fast, travel and have it all be paid for?! Look no further than the amazing opportunity offered at Seattle E-Bike. Our Senior Vice President is in search of an Executive Assistant who is organized, self-motivated, and outgoing. Seattle Ebike is not your typical bike shop. It is a fast-growing Platinum Ebike Dealership, working with Domino's, starting a non-profit organization, sponsoring EDM festivals in Washington and starting entertainment channels for the Ebike industry.

• All expenses paid travel to some of the most popular events in Washington and the bike industry (Magnifique EDM Festival, Interbike Las Vegas, etc)
• In addition to going to these events for free, you will also be compensated according to your agreement (salary or hourly)
• An e-bike as transportation to and from work
• The opportunity to work with a man who is well-known and connected in multiple industries (bike industry, cooking industry, cannabis industry, entertainment industry, event planning industry and more!)
• The ability to network with any of our partners, such as USC events, Domino's, Starbucks, and more
• Gain experience performing multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment


Seattle Electric Bike Expo July 15- July 17, 2016

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Seattle E-Bike will be attending the Seattle Electric Bike Expo next weekend. We will be hosting the VIP party for the expo in our gallery. Due to our participation in this event, we will be CLOSED Friday, July 15-Sunday, July 17.

Customers are our number one priority, please call us at (206) 344-8000 if you have any questions or if our closure has inconvenienced you in anyway. 


The 2016 Electric Bike Expo
July 15-17, 2016 - Southcenter Mall: 191 Southcenter Mall, Tukwila, WA 98188.


Seattle Area Consumers Can Test Ride the Latest Electric Bicycles For Free

Electric biking is a new form of transportation and recreation that is becoming popular in the U.S. Electric bikes provide the rider with power assist as they pedal. eBikes make hills easier and enable more people to ride further and faster with little to no sweat.


As the seventh stop on a national tour, the Electric Bike Expo will be at the Westfield Southcenter shopping mall on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 15-17, 2016. This free event allows Seattle area residents the opportunity to meet with manufacturer representatives and select local retailers from more than 10 of the top eBike producers and test ride more than 75 different models of power assist bicycles.


The specially designed Expo course, fills more than 25,000 square feet of the parking lot at the Southcenter mall and includes terrain features to test the different bike suspensions, as well as a hill, that allows riders to feel the power of the electric assist motor.


Presented by Bosch, one of Germany’s leading electrical drive systems producers, with the track being sponsored by Trek Bicycles, a leading global cycling brand, attendees will be able to try a wide range of bike styles. Brands such as Focus, Gazelle, Kalkhoff, Tempo, Trek, and other companies will have their lines of eBikes available for test ride. For many of the models on display, this will be the first time seen in the US.


Tempo Bicycles will be raffling off one of their Carmel or Santa Barbara hybrid electric bicycles worth $4,000 to a lucky winner and the raffle proceeds will go to a local Seattle area charity. The raffle tickets will be $5 each.


Focus, Kalkhoff, and Gazelle will be offering discount coupons redeemable at local dealers.


Local retailers such as Seattle Electric Bike, Electric Lady, Seattle E-Bike, Electric & Folding Bikes Northwest and more will be present in their own spaces to offer information on their bikes and services.


Electric Bike Expo Event Hours: 

  • Friday, July 15th 3pm – 7pm
  • Saturday, July 16th 9am-7pm
  • Sunday, July 17th 9am-4pm


Those that take advantage of the early online free registration will be recognized as VIP guests and once checked in, will be entered into a raffle to win some great cycling prizes.


VIP Party Hosted at Seattle E-Bike:

July 16, 2016 9pm-12:00am 

VIP invitations will be available for pickup at the Seattle E-Bike Expo. The VIP party will feature live music, catering and adult beverages. It is a great opportunity to connect with other industry professionals and enjoy a night complete with complementary food and beverages.

VIP Party Location: 570 1st Ave S Seattle, WA 98104


More information: 

Video of the Expo: or

Pictures of the Expo:

Location: Westfield Southcenter Mall. 191 Southcenter Mall, Tukwila, WA 98188. Southwest parking lot, next to the Olympic parking garage. 

Google Map Link:



Pioneer Square First Thursday Art Walk!

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Today is the Pioneer Square First Thursday Art Walk! Seattle E-bike is happy to announce that we will be open until 7:00pm to participate in this wonderful community event. Come on down to Seattle E-bike at 570 1st Ave S to enjoy some entertainment, art, and refreshments!
Entertainment: Great selection of music will be played in our multipurpose entertainment area.

Art: Converting our bike gallery to an art gallery in order to display a Private Art Collection. The artist would like to remain anonymous because they would like the art to shine brighter than their name.

Refreshments: What is an art walk without wine? There will be wine and truffle popcorn served!


Seattle E-Bike is looking for a Sales Intern!

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Seattle E-Bike is looking for a self-motivated, enthusiastic sales intern to start ASAP and to work for the rest of the summer. The intern will work at the intersection of sales and hospitality, two very important values at Seattle E-Bike. The electric bike market is fast growing and at Seattle E-Bike you will receive the very unique opportunity to improve your sales techniques through the electric bike industry.

To apply: Please email the Sales Manager, Chelsi Pennington at Or feel free to apply on one of the links below:

Required Skills:

Previous sales experience of at least 1 year

Preferred Skills:

Sales experience with bikes or electric bikes (preferred)

Bachelor's degree in progress or completed is encouraged but NOT required


Answer the phone within 3 rings and speak properly, “Thank you for calling Seattle E-Bike, this is _____, how may I help you?”

  • Check voicemails
  • Respond to emails or forward emails to the proper person
  • Follow up with customers who were interested in Bikes
  • Face-To-Face Interaction with customers
  • Hospitality with Customers
  • Sales floor Upkeep including Opening/Closing procedure duties
  • Taking photos of each customer with their new bikes after purchase, ask for a testimony, ask for a review and/or receive a story.
  • Ensure all bikes are tagged
  • Add new customers into POS system during POP sale
  • Add new customers into POS system after test rides
  • Attend mandatory Tuesday and Friday morning 10:00am Team Meetings
  • Submits all sales report, commissions, hours and expense reports when necessary
  • Ensures all bike orders have all proper information needed
  • Ensures mechanics do a safety checks for all bikes for bike test rides, bike purchases, bike field promotions or for any other reason a bike leaves the shop.
  • Assists in the sale of every purchase of a bike: grabbing the correct charger, user manual, etc.
  • Ensures all keys are attached to bikes
  • Run transactions for customers
  • Always states Seattle E-Bikes Return/Exchange policy
  • Verbally runs through all details of bikes with the customers for test rides or purchases
  • Always state our free tune up within 90 days or 100 miles (whichever comes first)


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Do You Enjoy Your Commute Yet?

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Saturday Morning Rides Now Open to the Public!

  Saturday mornings in Seattle are the perfect time to bond with fellow bikers. Here at Seattle E-Bike, we strongly believe that bike rides are essential to bonding our team so that’s why we have started Saturday morning rides, now...

August First Thursday Art Walk

Happy First Thursday Art Walk! This Thursday will be the first time that our entire Seattle E-Bike team enjoys the beautiful art in Pioneer Square, as opposed to showcasing our own art selection and entertainment. We are so happy to...

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