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Empulse & Empulse R – Brammo Lease Program – USA Only

Lease the Brammo Empulse for as little as $269 a month and Empulse R starting at just $299 per month*. 

This pioneering lease program offers Brammo customers a low initial payment, no risk on resale value, and the convenience of returning a motorcycle without the hassle of reselling it personally. The new Brammo lease program, when combined with our 5-year battery warranty, offers customers complete certainty about the cost of Brammo ownership.

Note: Below rates shown for customers with exceptional credit approved by a participating lender. All amounts shown are estimates.


Down Payment

13% of MSRP

Monthly Payment

for 36 months

Monthly Payment

for 48 months

Empulse R $18995 $2469 $325 $299
Empulse $16995 $2209 $299 $269

*Includes down payment with no security deposit. Excludes taxes, titles and fees. For well-qualified lessees. Empulse and Empulse R lease, available to customers who qualify for the Approved Power Sports Leasing Preferred credit tier. Not all lessees will qualify. Higher lease rates apply for lessees with lower credit ratings.  MSRP excludes destination, tax, license, title fees, registration, documentation fees, options, and insurance.


Benefits of Leasing a Brammo

By leasing a new Brammo, riders are able to get more motorcycle for less money. The motorcycles monthly payments are typically lower because you’re only paying for the future depreciation of that motorcycle, and not the actual sales price. For example, on a $20,000 motorcycle, you’d finance the entire $20,000 purchase price with a finance loan. With a lease, you only pay a percentage of that. The motorcycle’s predicted future value is what it is expected to be worth at the end of the lease, which is its residual value. 

The down payment and the residual value are subtracted from the purchase price and what’s left over is what you make payments on. So if the motorcycle’s residual value is 30 percent after three years, for example, that means the $20,000 motorcycle would be worth $6,000 at the end of the lease. You’d make lease payments on the remaining $14,000, less any down payment and not the full $20,000, plus interest, taxes and fees.

If you want to put as little down as possible, remember that your monthly lease payments will be higher.

Leases last three or four years, during that period you will need to maintain the motorcycle, even after the two year warranty ends, which includes all the maintenance recommended by Brammo Service. Failure to properly maintain the motorcycle during the lease can result in fees when you turn the motorcycle in at the end of the lease.
If you enjoy having the latest Brammo motorcycle, leasing could be better for you. Since you’d be leasing every few years, each new Brammo motorcycle you lease will feature the latest and greatest Brammo technology and features.

If you will fall in love with your leased Brammo and want to keep it, you can buy it at the end of the lease by paying cash or by taking out a loan to finance the outstanding balance.

Brammo have a high degree of confidence in our product and the residual values are based on the Empulse retaining its value in the same way that any premium motorcycle does.

Brammo Lease Q & A:

What happens if the Federal Government offer a retrospective tax incentive as happened in 2013?
If a retrospective Federal incentive is announced and the lessor of the motorcycles is able to benefit from that incentive, then there would be an adjustment at the end of the lease period.

Are there excess mileage charges if I commute every day?
There are no excess mileage charges with a Brammo lease.

What is the interest rate for a good credit?
With a lease we are not allowed to quote an interest rate simply a monthly payment. The monthly payment will vary based on the MSRP, the customer’s credit score, the length of the lease and the initial down payment.

What happens at the end of the lease?
At the end of the lease you can buy the motorcycle by paying cash or by taking out a loan to finance the outstanding balance. Or you simply return the motorcycle to your authorized Brammo Dealership.

What happens to the motorcycles that are returned at the end of the lease?
Motorcycles that are returned will be inspected and refurbished by the Brammo Authorized Dealer and then sold with a warranty by the dealer as Brammo Certified Pre-Owned motorcycles.

Who is responsible for servicing the motorcycle?
The customer is responsible for servicing the motorcycle at a Brammo Authorized Dealership throughout the lease period.

Example Pricing to Illustrate Typical Residual Values:











Brammo Model


36 Monthly

Present Value 
of Payments


36 Month

48 Monthly

Present Value 
of Payments


48 Month

Empulse R 






















A Note from our President.  Brammo is, as far as we know, the only motorcycle manufacturer, anywhere in the U.S. with a lease program.  That is remarkable.  Why this amazing offer?  With the exception of electric Motorcycles, all motorcycles are high maintenance items, easily subject to abuse through lack of maintenance.  As Brammo is demonstrating, it knows it machines are tough, extremely long lasting, extremely low maintenance, and for those reasons are going to have an extraordinary resale value.  So, through this very reasonable lease program, they make acquiring a Brammo an actual no risk proposition.

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