Bikes for Fixie Fans

Seattle E-bike doesn’t just sell e-bikes! We also offer several different non-electric models, including two fixies from Cicli Blume. The America (pictured on left) is a pure fixie and the Fuxia (pictured on right) is a fixie flip flop. Both are hand made in Italy.

For those unfamiliar with fixies, a fixie (also known as a fixed-gear or fixed-wheel bicycle) is a bike with no gear system. Pedal forward and the bike goes forward. Pedal backward and the bike goes backward. 

There are typically no brakes. One way to stop a fixie is by resisting the pedals. Free wheel fixies allow for cyclists to coast with still pedals while the bike moves forward. The flip flop can be switched to be either a pure fixie or a free wheeling fixie.

With minimal parts, the fixies are the lightest bikes on the market. Fixies are popular with advanced cyclists due to their increased maneuverability, lightness, and efficiency.

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