More About Johnny Loco “Minivans”

Americans invented the minivan.  The Dutch invented the Cargo Trike, the low impact alternative.  Seattle E-Bike was the first to motorize them, but now the Dutch (and the Danes) are doing it too.  Our favorite is the Johnny Loco MTB.  We think it is good looking.  We know it is well built and among the lightest of Cargos.  It comes with one cleverly built double seat and can hold two 9 year-olds and 6 bags of groceries or a couple of dogs.  Add the optional second bench, and it's a daycare center on wheels, holding four 3 year-olds.  Take all the seats out, and you can load in a week of groceries or two  huge Bernese Mountain dogs.  Weighing only 97 pounds, it carries 385 pounds including the driver.  All good Tadpole Trikes (that have the two wheels in the front) including racing recumbent trikes, camber the wheels in turns.  The MTB does that, even though it is not intended to go 50 mph.  
To help you pedal your children or your cargo on Seattle's Hills, we recommend electric assist.  Our MTB's are available without assist, with the 250 watt Shimano Steps Center Drive, or our ever more famous eRad center drives with a 500 watt motor.  
Take a look below, they are even more fun than they look, and are the perfect second car, except $20 a year of electricity will be your total fuel expense if you use it a lot.  We can even set it up to carry up to 6 small kids, if you want to use it like they do in Amsterdam.


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