Introducing Seattle E-Bike's New Chief Mechanic and $50 Spring Tune-Up Special

Introducing Seattle E-Bike’s Chief Mechanic Sawyer Hoverter!

We are thrilled to announce that we have a new highly skilled and very experienced Chief Mechanic! Sawyer comes to us with a decade of bike mechanic experience on every kind of bike (traditional and electric) from the dirtiest of commuters to the shiniest of racing machines, from cargo bikes of all kinds to BMX bikes. He is also experienced with Shimano Nexus, Alfine and all of the internal gear systems, like those on our Fat Bikes. 

Sawyer performed over 1000 tune-ups a year for five years as an apprentice and then mechanic at Aaron’s Bicycle Repair in West Seattle. He also was a mechanic for two years at Georgetown’s Bike So Good and at Cycle University’s training facility. In addition, Sawyer served as Operations Manager at a large BMW motorcycle shop, so he brings years of organizational and administrative experience to Seattle E-Bike as well as his mechanical expertise. A lifelong Northwest native, Sawyer graduated from the University of Washington where he was on the rowing team and majored in Fine Arts.
Sawyer is transforming our repair shop! He is so competent and skilled; we are all breathing easier knowing he’s there to support our customers and their bikes. We encourage you to bring your bike in and have him take a look. He’s here Tuesday-Saturday. Call (206) 344-800 or email to schedule your tune-up or repair appointment today!

 Sawyer shows how surprisingly light our Fat Bikes are!

Spring $50 Tune-Up Special 

Bring your bike in between now and the end of May for our introductory Spring Tune Special which includes:

  • Safety check. We’ll perform a detailed inspection of the frame, components, and the bits holding everything together. All fasteners will be torqued to proper specification.
  • Minor wheel truing. The wheels are what make your bicycle what it is, so keeping them in good shape (round) is a top priority.
  • Drivetrain cleaning and lubrication. We will wash the chain, gears, front and rear derailleurs, then re-lubricate everything with a powerful anti-squeak fluid.
  • Shifting adjustments. From Sturmey to Campy, if the gear changes can be improved, we can do it. Shimano, SRAM, Suntour, Bendix, those too.
  • ​Brake adjustments. If your bike has brakes we will make them work as well as possible. No anti-squeak fluid here, just a good mechanical set-up.
Labor for this service would normally be $75+. For the spring special we are charging $50 for labor, and any parts or additional services are extra. Depending on the reaction to this special tune-up deal, wait time may be up to a week. We will do our best to return your bike in a day or two. 

Prodeco 2013s available!
We are getting some Prodeco 2013s in stock at the store and we can also order them for you relatively quickly. Check out this sleek White Stride! 

As always, we love to hear from you! Please send us your pictures, ideas, comments, and stories. Stop in any time! 

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