A story of Fantic and Ferrari

seattle e-bike fantic

Our Fantic bikes are in from Italy. Don't worry, they have a US warehouse, so when you order one you won't have to wait long. I'm 66 and about 5 years ago I felt it was time to create a bucket list. I have checked off a few. A favorite was on my visit to Maranello, Italy, where I paid a ridiculous amount of money to drive a Ferrari 459 for 20 minutes. A 320kph, 0-60 in 3.4 second car. Red. God it was great. But it could have been greater. Sitting next to you is an official Ferrari mother. As soon as you hit 160 kph, he starts yelling at you in Italian and makes you slow down. "Rallenta, rallenta". If you want to get rid of him you have to pay ten times as much, which  gives you an hour, including three laps at the track on your own, where you can make that pony go. Heaven is expensive.

What does this have to do with Fantic E-Bikes? The 459 I drove was the 548 horsepower model. The Fantic has one electric horsepower, which admittedly, is the rough equivalent of 3 gas engine horsepower, but still. The 458 has almost no road clearance. You can bottom it out on a walnut. The Fantic can climb steps, jumps rocks, conquer almost any terrain.

So again, where is the analogy I am stretching for? Because of Mother Ferrari riding shotgun, I got most of my thrills from working intensely the 8 speed semi-automatic transmission paddle shifter. If I could not go fast, I could at least run the engine up to 9,000 rpm. Heh heh. The first fast car I drove was a 1965 GTO with a 4 speed Hurst. Shifting it required strength and art, and you were only controlling 360 horsepower. The transmission on this Ferrari was astonishingly agile, easy, compliant. It was magnificent machinery. There is the analogy.

We have never had an e-bike in here that shifts as beautifully as this Fantic. It is an unbelievable treat to ride. It also is extremely responsive in its power curve, and its suspension, geometry, and shock system allow you to work any terrain anyone should, and a lot of terrain no one probably should attempt. It is a very serious full suspension mountain bike, with the very finest of components, combined together into a song of a bike. Incredibly, it less than $6500... $10 less, and a bargain. Sometimes expensive things are the best bargains, and this is an example.

We also have three other Fantic models, a bit less exotic, but awesome. We will blog about them in coming days, but you can come in and ride them right now. Visita ill nostro addeso negozio. Grazi.