Bike of the Week and Screaming Deal of the Week!

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As promised, we have our first regular Tuesday feature of our Bike of the week and Screaming deal of the week.  For your convenience, we are going to include a running table of both features. The Screaming deals will constantly drop off as we close them out.  That is why they are Screaming deals. The Bikes of the Week should always be available.



Our bike of the week is the Gazelle Cityzen T10 Speed.  Gazelle bikes are made in the home of the E-Bike, the Netherlands, specifically, the city of Dieren. They have been, making bikes, great bikes for more than 100 years.  They make a great E-Bike, and now with the T10 Speed, a fast, great E-Bike. Bosch, Europe's largest electrical company, has made great E-Bike motors since the beginning of the genre.  Only recently have they made a 28 mph model. It is on this Gazelle, and its quick. Stop in for a test ride.

Gazelle CityZen T10 Speed - $4299.00



Now for the Screamer.  We are closing out our E-Prodigies, marking down both the $2399 Banff and the $2499 Jasper.  Unlike last week’s Screamer Emazing's, these Bikes are Center drive, and are fairly quick. All of our closeouts are step-throughs, so they are for everyone.  $1899 + tax, takes you out the door!

E-Prodigy Banff Step-Through - on Sale for $1899.00
E-Prodigy Jasper Step-Through - on Sale for $1899.00
And don't for get about last weeks screaming deal on all Emazing brand bikes!  All models are still on sale for only $999 while supplies last! 
Click the link below for more info:



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Bike of the Week and Screaming Deal of the Week!

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