Bike of the Week - Kalkhoff, Stromer

This week, now next week, our bike of the week will be the Blix Komfort Prima.  A year ago, we ordered Stomer's highly anticipated limited edition. Delivery date, unknown, until they came last Friday.  It has to be the bike of the week.



Stromer ST2 Limited.  As in Limited Edition, As in only 555 produced, and only 44 imported into the U.S.  We had to order these over a year ago. Because we are a very large Stromer dealer, we got the latest allocation... 2.

The Limited Edition comes with a raw aluminum frame.  Actually unfinished in a very, skillful, attractive way.  It is pretty cool. Every one also comes standard with a Brooks Saddle, a Brooks Commuter bag, a SIGG bottle.  The serial number is on a beautiful medallion affixed to the seat post tube, as well as on your own, personalized, Stromer Key Fob.  No doubt the key fob alone will be passed on from generation to generation.

There will be no demo, when they are gone, they are gone.  We are trying to make it a little hard. Allocation by difficulty.  Sorry but we cannot take credit cards for these two bikes. So the first two purchases must be with cash or cashiers check.  You can hold a bike for 48 hours with a full provisional credit card charge.

We are pairing each of these bikes with the ABUS Limited Edition Bordo lock, which coincidentally includes brushed raw aluminum, and Abus Pedelec 45 kph rated Helmet, and a Brooks hand pump.

All of this magnificence for including all of the extras for $9360 plus tax!

Stromer ST2 LTD Package - $9630.00




The Screamer of the week is… Kalkhoff.  All three of our remaining Kalkhoff models!

The Integrale S11 was the top of the Kalkhoff line.  Was $5299, now reduced to $2150.  It is a 28 mph bike with long range.

Kalkhoff Integrale S11 - $2150.00

The Agattu HS 8 step-over, originally $3999, reduced to $1999!

Kalkhoff Agattu HS 8 Stepover - $1999.00


The Agattu HS 7 Step-through, was $1999, now reduced to only $1250!

Kalkhoff Agattu HS 7 Stepthrough - $1250.00

We have very limited quantities of these Kalkhoff bikes, so act fast!


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