Do You Enjoy Your Commute Yet?

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If you're a resident of Seattle, you know. If you drive in Seattle, you really know.

The traffic congestion is worsening on a daily basis and there's no relief in sight.

Even with ST3's Proposition 1 passing, it's too little, too late. Seattle and its outlining regions are currently struggling to transport their residents effectively through a dwindling and deteriorating transportation infrastructure. Reliance on state and city planning has proven ineffective in dealing with the realities population growth.

The truth is plain, simple and straightforward: it's up to us to change the way we get from A to B.

An electric assisted pedal bike (E-Bike), provides its rider the freedom from gridlock, the range to commute and the option exercise as intensely as desired. With electric assist, huge hills are flattened, making what was once a daunting ride much less challenging. On an E-bike, your commute becomes fun and invigorating - all while doing your part to unclog the transportation system and eliminate carbon emissions.

We're seeing that more and more people are discovering the freedom that e-bikes provide their riders. Additionally, our e-bikes aren't required to be licensed, use no costly fuel, are zero emission and are immune from parking tickets! So, if you like to save money and time, the next bit might also interest you...

E-bikes are an absolute blast to ride! When you visit us at Seattle E-Bike for a free test ride, you'll see what we mean. There's really no way to explain the sensation. The assisted pedal power lets you accelerate quickly and travel faster. Riding one is exhilarating and it's safer because you can keep up with urban traffic, maintain lane position and get from A to B faster. With more than 25 international brands in stock, financing resources and a show room staffed with friendly knowledgeable, no-pressure staff, we'll work closely with you to find your perfect E-bike.

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Nice Information. E- bikes are cost effective, It helps to being healthy.
Keep sharing this kind of information.
Thanks a lot..

Posted by Angie on April 18, 2017

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