Dump the Pump Day Seattle E-Bike Style

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Today is National Dump the Pump Day, but here at Seattle E-Bike we are celebrating it Seattle E-Bike style! Typically, dump the pump day encourages everyone to dump his or her daily cars and use public transportation in order to save money. However, we encourage folks to go one-step further and not only save money by taking public transportation, but to cover the roads in between with an electric alternative like an e-bike or an electric scooter (all found on our website).The combination of public transportation and electric vehicles for the distances in between, will help to reduce an individual's carbon emissions even further while also saving you money. 

Here at Seattle E-Bike, we have some personal ebike stories about the greatest benefits employees have been afforded by saving money on gas and more.

Chelsi, Business Development, PR and Events: I ride a Kulshan Shredder that is made in house, at Seattle Ebike. It is currently being made into a tactically pink themed e-bike. It will take me about 50 miles around the city in one charge. Now that I ride an electric bike, I'm happy that I save a lot of money on parking because it is terribly expensive around Seattle, especially downtown. Any money that I would have spent on gas, is now extra money for me to save for a trip to Mongolia in this Fall. 

Phil, "The New Guy": I ride an Emazing Artemis that gets about 30 to 40 miles per charge. I am most happy to save money on gas, while experiencing the ride as part of my daily routine. The money I save from gas, can be put towards college savings. 

Jeremy, Senior Vice President: [Custom Kulshan Shredder, takes about 50 miles around the city on one charge.] I shred because going green is A Way Of Life. I guess you can consider that I'm AWOL from normal life. I kick the tin can we call a car and enjoy life from outside the box. Dumping the pump should be a mission not just a choice. I save thousands of dollars a month by riding my Kulshan Shredder. I don't pay for parking, I don't sit in traffic and I stimulate my mind and body with the greatest sensory upload money can buy. The best part is I still can listen to my tunes, make great time, and feel like a kid again. 

Perry, Bike Mechanic: I ride an E-Rad Converted Volcanic bike. It gets me about 30 miles or more per charge. The greatest benefit that I have found in electric bikes started from my pedal cab business. I realized that if I added an electric motor to my bicycle I could make more money and get back to customers faster.

By dumping the pump and going electric, there are so many benefits and new ways to spend or save the money you no longer use on gas. We would love to hear stories from any electric bike users as to what they can afford to do now, that they couldn’t do before dumping the pump. Let us know by Tweeting at us @SeattleEBike. We will be retweeting and sharing all the responses we get!


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6-22-16, 7 am: I just heard Jeremy Cooper on the radio (1150 AM) and he was talking about really creative and affordable ways to help the homeless community with housing and how e-bikes can provide affordable transportation. Jeremy, you’re such an inspiration! I have often contemplated the issue of homelessness and felt helpless to do anything about it. I would really link to be involved in some way, possibly helping to design the shipping crate conversion to living spaces. I design plumbing and HVAC systems for commercial buildings. I’m guessing these homes will be required to meet building codes. I’m also interested in finding creative out-of-the-box solutions. My email is hhlucia@yahoo.com

Posted by Hannah on June 22, 2016

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