Evolve Skateboards are back in stock!

Everyone seems to want these skateboards.  For good reason.  The Bamboo GTX is wicked fast, 24 to 30 mph depending on your weight and windage, and it come with excellent standard 8 inch all terrain pneumatic wheels, which are perfect for trails and Seattle's poorly maintained streets.  We also sell Evolve’s street wheel conversion kit if you prefer and more traditional skate feel, or would like to be able to interchange them as you wish.

If you call in to order and we are out again (this order won't last long), you can put down a 30% deposit and get your order in line for the next shipment.  Evolve is not totally prepared for its popularity, and we have to fight for our allotment.

Remember, Seattle E-Bike services what we sell, you don't have to ship what you buy from us back to the manufacturer if it is defective or needs work.

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