Great news about Gazelle bikes!

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1. We are offering tremendous bargains on our Gazelle models from last year!
2. We're doing so to make room for the amazing 2019's coming NEXT WEEK!
First, our sale!
Gazelle bikes are beautifully built by the Dutch who live in the land of E-Bikes.  If you doubt me, go to Amsterdam. The Netherlands is tiny, densely populated, but also with beautiful, tiny rural areas. Cycling is the perfect way to get around; so the Dutch like cruisers, sturdy, relaxed riding position, no rush, no worries.  Almost every bike company on earth that makes a cruiser copies the Dutch styles.
We are offering up two models at huge discounts, the Arroyo Step Over and the NL C7 Cargo, both powered by Bosch mid-drives!  
Arroyo C8 HMB Step Over - Was $3499, now only $2499!!!
NL C7 HMB Cargo - Was $2999, now only $2099!!!


We only have two bikes of each model available at these prices, so act fast!
On Tuesday we will introduce the new line-up, so stay tuned to hear about 2019.  Power users, get ready for tons of torque, and 28 mph speeds!

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