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Since the beginning of helmet time no helmet has had the protective standards that match e-bike speeds… UNTIL NOW!!!

As you know, I nag sometimes and I have been nagging Europe’s helmet makers every year for 6 years at Eurobike.  Each year, I would trudge the 26 miles of aisles, going to the Smith booth, Abus, POC, Specialized, and I would nag them.  "Hey, helmet manufacturing dude, every year, there are 20 more E-Bike brands here at Eurobike.  E-Bikes go fast, build a damned helmet for E-Bike riders."  Now ABUS, the huge German helmet and bike security manufacturer, has finally come out with a 30 mph helmet, which is about double the rating of previous helmets!

They listened to me.  Well, maybe not, but if it is a coincidence, I still choose to take credit.  Maybe someday I will run for office.

We now can obtain an ample supply of Abus Pedelec helmets.  The shortages are over, so buy one for everyone who rides a bike who you love, and love yourself.

The American College of Neurological Surgeons reports that by that bicycling wins the head injury championship by almost double over football, where people are intentionally trying to crash their bodies into other's bodies.  

It is not just, as Cousin Vinnie says, “the yuuthz who are getting hurt, or badly hurt.”  The average age of death by bicycling head injury is 46. That’s right kids, 46 years old.  So get an Abus Pedelec helmet. The brain you save, will be your own. If you are 46, you are old enough to remember this public service announcement:  

Don't worry, I am not going to show you a "this is your brain on the sidewalk" commercial.  At least for now.

A personal note, one reason this is a crusade with me is that for reasons unrelated to riding an E-Bike, I spent 30 days in a coma, about ten years ago.  No one knew what type of consciousness would emerge. I slept through the drama, but my wife, children and other friends and family lived that month out with great worry.  Miraculously, I emerged over the following several weeks more brilliant than ever. You might not be so lucky. Take care of everyone. How? Repeat after me, buy an Abus Pedelec Helmet!

__________  __________ , ___-___-____.  

What are those lines above?.  If this was an interactive blog, you could type in your mother’s name and phone number, right on those lines.  But it is not an interactive blog. So, you have to pretend, by staring at the lines. Then either call up and buy a helmet (right now, only one color, and two sizes fits all, so it’s simple), or, fill in the lines with your mother's name and phone number, and email that data to me at brian@electricbikeseattle.com with your permission to call mom.

You can use the handy form I have created above.  Our operators are standing by for the order. In the alternative, I am standing by to talk to mom.


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