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At Seattle E-bike, we realize finding the right electric bike to fit your needs can be quite a process With all the different options available, the process can be overwhelming Our sales staff is here to help. We offer consultations by appointment. Simply contact us and we’ll ask you a few questions and then schedule a time for you to come into our showroom. We’ll already have a selection of bikes assembled, adjusted, and ready for you to test drive.

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Live in B’ham, but will be in Seattle on the 19th; would like a consultation in the afternoon (after ~1:30); would like a recreational bike for road and trail (like Interurban: packed, some gravel). I live outside of town and would like to more easily bike in and keep up with faster cyclists on trail rides.

Posted by Nancy on July 15, 2017

I am hoping to ride a few bikes. I’m about 5’ 1 so on the short side.

Posted by Susanne Anya Pryor on June 21, 2017

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