Introducing the Wallerang Tapper, with Shimano's new STEPS 8000 motor!

We love our made in Sweden Wallerang.  There are actually dots over the name, but not on my keyboard.  Made in Goteborg (more missing dots) where you catch the ferry to Germany, Wallerang has long been one of our best sellers. You may see them about delivering pizza, as they make a great light delivery bike.  Shimano Steps is one of our most popular center drive setups available. It comes on a number of our brands. The Tapper still has the same substantial front and rear racks, but in a sleeker, faster package.

Wallerang has really raised its game with the Tapper.  It is rare for a new model year to bring so many improvements.  Was: Shimano Steps 6000, now, the considerably more powerful Steps 8000, a brand new drive from Shimano.  Was: Alfine Hubs, now, and incredibly slick & smooth electronic derailleur shifting system. Slightly more manual than the electronic shifting on the $9000 Stromer ST2S, but about as smooth, which is very smooth, worth more discretion.

They have also taken a page from Stromer's book by slimming down the tires two sizes, and hiding more of the cables and wires, for a very clean look.  The price is went up $900, to $4599, but the improvements make it a bargain.

About all it’s missing is the Stromer's 28 + mph speed.  BUT WAIT… our extremely talented gnomes in the basement can fix that.  Using a sophisticated device we import from Germany, we can make your Tapper a 28 mph bike, for an additional $325.  Please don't tell anyone, the news could wind up on the internet.

Take a look at this beauty:    


Its nag time.  Many of you have purchased our new Abus Pedelec helmet, including sensible non-electric riders.  In fact they are jumping off the shelves.  Supply is now steady, so there is no excuse to not buy one and own the first helmet that matches ebike speeds.  The offer to call your mother stands. I am not going to stop until I have 77.6% market penetration, so let’s get going.

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