Almost 7 years ago, this sign was installed at Seattle E-Bike's first location at the corner of Main and 1st Ave South in Pioneer Square.  We grew, and moved to 570 1st Ave South, the sign did as well.  Unfortunately, that is when the vandalism started.  One well thrown pebble disables 25% of the sign, and costs $700 to repair.  I spent thousand trying to keep up, but it was hopeless until now.  We thought about encasing it in Lucite, but it would have reduced the impact.
     Now we are at our truly grand store at 220 South Jackson Street.  The Pioneer Square Preservation District Board will not let us erect the sign outside, for which I now thank them.  It is mounted in the store, visible out each side, and 10 feet from my desk.  I replaced the neon, feeling this beautiful sign now has a safe home, visible to all, but safe inside.  
     One of our customers has blown a photo up to poster size and has it over their bed.  You can't buy that kind of publicity.
We are thinking of making our own posters.  If you would like one, let me know.  They will be 24" by 36" and will probably cost about $25.  If we get a hundred takers.  Or you can just stop by, and do a selfie!

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