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                                         HERE IS WHY THAT IS BETTER FOR YOU


Seattle E-Bike is independent.  We are constantly trying out new E-Bikes, and bringing the best brands to you.  At the same time, when a brand starts to fall short of its earlier achievements, we can move on.  We are not a one brand megastore. We choose the 7 or 8 brands we offer after extensive testing and analysis so that we always bring you the latest technology (where it is proven) and the best value. 


We advertise a little bit but prefer to use our capital to source and acquire the best bikes available. Yes, our selection is curated.


Radpower spends millions on advertising, offering you products made exclusively in enormous factories in China.  There is no Radpower bike that meets any of our standards for weight,  aesthetics, quality drive systemEven though they ship bikes in from the PRC by the container load, at a very low acquisition price, (we estimate $350 to $675 for most of their models), they trade higher quality for saturation advertising.  


It is a formula that works for Radpower, as it does for many enormous companies.  It is a proven business model, just watch late-night TV commercials.  But many of their customers end up bringing their Radpower bikes into us for repairs.  We see at our workbenches what Rad has sold them.  


Ah, service.  Radpower is not currently even answering their phone.  They could qualify as an essential service like we are, but they would have to be a full-service bike repair facility, which they must not be, or we would not have to patch up their bikes.  


Seattle E-Bike has on occasion sold E-Bikes built in China.  Also, Sweden  France, Italy, Germany the Netherlands, Taiwan, and Switzerland.  We have learned through hard experience that with, one very minor exception, we cannot get a quality bike that has been built in China.  People buy our E-Bikes because they are well built and designed,  because we have an expert sales staff and because we answer our phone.  We service what we sell, and we stayed open through the Pandemic at a loss,  because we were essential, and our customers needed our help.  You can choose service and quality, or you can respond to, and subsidize, billboards, radio ads, being spammed on your phone, assaulted by ads on the bus, and so on.


If you love to buy based on saturation advertising, we have told you where you should shop.   Except you cannot go there, or talk to them on the phone, but I am sure they will process an email order, like any soulless Mega.  


If you want all of your questions answered and if you want to know your bike will be fixed if something happens, if you want to test ride more than one brand before making your decision...  if excellence is more important to you than a media blitz... shop at Seattle E-Bike.  If we do not have what you need, we will refer you to one of the other fine Independent E-Bike Stores.   A good E-Bike is a joy forever.  We will make sure you get the one that is best for your needs.  


Also, I live in West Seattle,  and my manager lives in West Seattle.  We know what is happening, we can see what lies ahead.  4 days ago we were on the WSB under a two-month contract.  Last week, they violated our contract and pulled our ad.  Now Rad, which has absolutely no connection to West Seattle, has their ad where ours was, and ours is gone.  We are working to correct that.  

E-Bikes are not a cure for balding.  They are not an “indestructible” fry pan.  We don’t guarantee you a perfect night’s sleep.  An E-bike is your transportation, your recreation, a way to reduce carbon emissions by 99.6% per trip.  


If you live in West Seattle, it will soon be your only way to get into town.


E-Bikes are an investment.  Don’t fall for “pump and dump”.  Come in, get educated, take a test ride, ask more questions, make the right decision.  Buy an E-Bike that is an investment, not a throwaway.