The Second Lightest E-Bike on the Planet is in stock. (and you don't want the lightest)

The Second Lightest E-Bike on the Planet is in stock.  (and you don't want the lightest)


The IGO Carbon CGV, the second lightest E-Bike on the Planet.  (and you don't want to buy the first).

Most people who visit Seattle E-Bike are impressed with the variety, quality and innovation to be found in our line up of E- Bikes.  It makes sense, since that is our niche. We have maintained our innovation lead by primarily purchasing our bikes in Europe. 


We have recently brought two new brands in that are truly extraordinary.Today I am introducing an ebike we have been waiting a year to get, and was worth the wait.


The IGO Carbon GCV is the second lightest E-Bike in the world.  Incredibly, it weighs only 27 pounds 8 ounces. It is a screaming deal at $5349. That is a lot of money, so why is it such a deal? First of all it is absolutely beautiful.  Check it out:, Secondly, it is entirely carbon fiber.  Carbon fiber costs like, well, carbon fiber. Finally,,  each bike is handmade to order in Montreal Canada. 


 But, you may say, who wants second lightest? You do. Lets compare. The lightest E- bike in the world is the Specialized Turbo Levo limited edition. It is 26 pounds 14 ounces, which is 10 ounces lighter than the GCV. BUT IT COSTS $16,000. Besides lightening your wallet by an additional $10,651, ( thats $1016 per ounce,) You do get one other thing...much less power. The Specialized motor is 35 NM (Newton Meters), the Carbon GCV is 55 NM, which is 60 percent more.  


Light story short, for one third of the price, the Carbon GCV is the hands down choice if you want a beautiful E-Bike that looks  so streamlined, its hard to believe its an E-Bike, is drop dead beautiful, and goes like a scalded cat.


We have three in stock.  Buy them all for the price of one Specialized.