Now that everyone is in the electric bike business, why buy from Seattle E-Bike?

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  • By Brian Nordwall
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Bringing in Chinese bikes by the container load is not our niche, and never has been.  We have had three specialties these past six years, and are adding a fourth:

  1.  Selecting the finest limited edition European bikes from Sweden, Italy,   Germany, France, Estonia, and the Netherlands.   
  2.  Custom electrification of our customer's non electric bikes.

  3.  We were the first bike store to bring fat bikes to Seattle and the first to     electrify them, we have our own house brand built for us by a Dutch   company, the Kulshan.  It is available either without power, or electrified by   us with your choice of motor system.

And now, our new niche...

  1.  Ultra high powered, off road bikes.  Street legal is 750 watts, 20-28 mph.  Our off road bikes run up to 6000 watts, and 45+ mph.

We have long had expertise selecting proper retrofit install options, and where necessary, hand fabricating parts to do it right. Beneath our 3000 square foot retail facility at 220 South Jackson is a 3400 square foot service facility, with 5 workbenches, and little gnomes and elves fabricating bikes. Actually our lead tech, Jake is a huge elf, about 6 foot four. Jake's personal bike is a 3000 watt center drive, full suspension bike. Its awesome, built from the finest materials. Its ugly, some of those materials were from our parts bin. More to the point, Jake is an extremely aggressive off road rider.  If he can build a bike that holds up to his use, he can build one for you.

And we have.  Built around a new Astrix full suspension frame, hand built in Taiwan; a 2500 watt, 45 mph Luna Cycle center drive motor, built in California; lithium-ion battery hand built in the US by Hi-Powered; controlled by a Grin Technologies controller built in Canada... Light and Motion Lights from California; SRAM x-9 Brakes, from California; Rockshox front shocks from Colorado. If there is a component on the bike from China, I can't find it.

This bike is available for less than $7000. If you could buy a Chinese made one, with Chinese components, it would cost about $5500. But virtually every component would be inferior. In reality, it would be impossible to duplicate. If you are going to go off cliffs, or just catch a bit of air, you will appreciate the quality of our Astrix Full Suspension E-Bike.