Oh, the irony. Emazing!

Emazing electric bikes

My calendar was set today to announce an absolutely screaming clearance on Emazing bicycles, already our lowest priced bike.  We are closing them out because they have moved production from Taiwan to China.

Now, low and behold, the U.S. announced today it was slapping a 25% tariff on Chinese E-Bikes.

What does this mean?

  • 1.  The days of the $1500 Chinese E-Bike are likely numbered.
  • 2.  Emazing will probably move its production back to Taiwan, where their quality was higher, and if so, we may reconsider carrying them.
  • 3.  Our closeout E-Mazing's are suddenly worth more, as are all of our low end bikes, because the ultra cheap Chinese bike is likely going the way of the the Dodo bird.

We were going to clear out our remaining Emazings at $999.  Originally $1799 to $1999. Now that seems too low.  Please standby, I am thinking.... Well call me a fool (you won't be the first), or call me a saint (you will be the first), we are going to stick to our knitting. ALL REMAINING EMAZING BIKES ARE $999!!! Obviously this offer is limited to stock on hand.

About the Emazing:  Back when there were not a lot of high powered E-Bikes, which is what we mainly sell, we sold hundreds of them.  They are nice looking, are emazingly light (pun), and handle well. But we, and others in our wake, have worked to find bikes that can blast up Seattle's hills.  The Emazing takes a little more work. Some people like that, and now they can have it for $999.