Riding your bike through Lisbon, Portugal

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I am going to post links to different Vloggers, in different cities around the world, that best represents what it is like to cycle in different cities, countries and rural areas (country side).

Here are two video clips from a cyclist (on a regular bike) working his way through Lisbon, Portugal. The first one cover the dangers of bike lanes, the second demonstrates a smarter approach to cycling and the third is actually a pretty good example of what you can experience when you ride your bike on a daily basis. It can be a different experience every day! This one happens to show what happened on a hot day.

These videos show the typical things you have to watch out for while riding
I found that sidewalks and bike lanes are always more unpredictable, compared to sharing the road with cars and trucks - but not by very much. Your level of alertness has to be very high at all times and that, plus driving with the "What if" mind-set should help you from getting into trouble. I used to ride on pavement, dirt, gravel, sand on concrete and other surfaces. All of them change based on weather and other variables. AAlso, never assume that pedestrians and drivers (of anything) can see you. Use common sense and courtesy. Respect life, especially your own, and it will help you make the best decisions when on the road. Make sure that HYDRATE - even when it rains. And, most importantly, make sure that your bike is in good working order. Especially, an electric bike. Brakes, rubber and anything that needs to be tightened and will withstand high speeds. If in doubt, call us at Seattle E-bike (206-344-8000) and schedule a complete tune-up.

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