Seattle E-Bike can make almost any bike an electric bike!

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  • By Brian Nordwall
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As far as we know, we are the only bike store in town that does E-Bike conversions.  We have been doing them for more than 5 years.

We take your bike, or a bike you would like us to order that is not available as an E-Bike, and we install a motor, a lithium battery, a motor controller, handlebar controls, and a display.

Very rarely, a bike is not suitable, but most are. We have even converted a customer's solid rosewood bike (the frame was solid rosewood, not the wheels). We gave him a three day cooling off period, it was a wood sculpture, and we felt funny bolting stuff to it. The customer loved it and his incredibly heavy bike was now ride-able. We can turn your regular bike into a machine that will go 28 mph and climb any of our steep hills. That’s our 750 watt conversion.

OR, if your bike is built stoutly, think MTB, fat bike, or full suspension downhill bike, our power options extend to a 2500 watts center drive, which must be detuned for legal street use but can exceed 45 mph on the flats and climb trails that are class 3 or double black diamond steep.

Conversions start at $1750, you can get 2500 watts for $2500 if your bike is right, or you can go crazy, like with most things, and have the coolest thing on wheels for about 4K.

Our lead tech, Jake Brustoski, is our master of conversion.  Call the store at (206) 344-8000 and ask for him, or call Brian Nordwall at (206) 396-0446.  Right now, we have about a ten day backlog, so get your bike in here for an estimate, make a deposit, and we will call you when we need your bike.  We will make it awesome.