Seattle E-Bike gift certificates now available in time for the holidays!

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We think we have what you need for Christmas Gifts this Year!  

Even if the budget is right, it is often hard to buy a special someone an E-Bike as a gift.  It’s sort of like buying them a camera, or a computer, or a sound system......"Oh thanks so much, but lets make sure we keep the packing material, because I have been researching these, and I really want one with the VX 409 27 gig flim flamajigger in rose gold."

So we have simpler offerings for you to consider, and they are on sale December 23rd.  A gift certificate for a $79 non electric bike tuneup, printed on heavy glossy cardstock in a festive holiday envelope, is $65.  The $129 deluxe tuneup is $110.  Our standard E-Bike tuneup is $99, but you can buy the certificate for $85.  The deluxe E-Bike is $149, but right now, buy one for $125.  All certificates are useable Until April 30, 2018.  

If only an E-Bike will do, but "option fear" is an issue, we have gift certificates from $250 to $10,000, that can be applied toward the cost of an E-Bike.  Actually, $10,000 buys you our finest Swiss E-Bike, the Stromer, with some free accessories thrown in.  Better yet, through December 23rd, you receive 20% off of the first $500 of the certificate value, and 10% of the remainder. So a $500 certificate is $400, and a $5000 certificate is $4450.  

Finally, if you really want an E-Bike under the tree, what we excel at is helping people find the right E-Bikes for themselves, or the object of their generosity.  We have arranged to have delivery available between 3 and 5 on Christmas Eve, within 20 miles of our store, for a $100 fee.  Plus, we are reducing our restocking fee for all bikes purchased by December 23 to 10%, in case you do not get it right, or at least do not get it perfect.  

Celebrate the season with electric transportation!!!

Bike-Tree Artwork by Antoine Pethers


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