Seattle E-Bike. We build and repair.

Seattle E-Bike does repairs and service

If you have visited us, you can see we are a really big E-Bike Store.  3000 square feet. But, we also have a basement. It is even bigger, it goes under the sidewalk to our East and is 3400 square feet.  Most of that is used by our mechanics. We have four techs, who can choose from six workstations, some of them quite specialized. Great stuff happens down there.

We true wheels on an exotic machine.  We cut spokes on the world's best spoke cutting machine.  We have dozens of power tools, hundreds of specialized bike tools, and two punching bags.  Keeps me from getting punched out instead.

--If you need any type of bike repair… Come see us.

--If you need any kind of a E-Bike repair… Come see us.

--If you want your bike turned into an E-Bike… COME SEE US, IT IS OUR SPECIALTY.


We are by a mile, many miles, the leading electrification shop in the Northwest, we have done literally hundreds of them:

                          - front hub motors to 750 watts.

                          - rear hub motors to 6000 watts, yes, 6000 watts.

                          - center drive motors from 350 to 750 to 2500 watts.

Not every refit is suitable for every bike. But almost always, we can help you make the right choice. We even powered a solid Rosewood bike, which weighed a ton, and needed it. It was beautiful, though.

All of these powers will give you the E-Bike experience, easily climbing hills you used to avoid, keeping up with cars on city streets while feeling able to hold your lane, and cutting your bike commute time in half.

Once you are over 1000 watts, less in certain circumstances, you are no longer considered a bicycle. The authorities are of the opinion that you need to stay off-road, or get moped tabs. However you cope with the man, fast E-Bikes are worth it.  Our 2500 watt center drives will exceed 40 mph, and will go up slopes as steep as a double black diamond ski slope. (35-40% grade). (Virginia in the Pike market is 17%)

The 6000 watt rear drive will take you over 50 miles per hour, and get there very very quickly.

Essentially, you will have a full fledged road machine that performs like a small motorcycle, one that you can take up the elevator in your office building.  Its Clean, its Green, its Light, its

Just like Tesla has used the torque advantages of electric power to make very fast cars, we are able to obtain and install components that make very very fast bikes.

But wait, there's more…

We build full suspension mountain bikes from the ground up.  Two of our mechanics have built their own. 2500 watt center drives, tremendous shock absorption, amazing machines.

We can supply the frames from our collection, or find and bring in your own.  

As Homer said of donuts, knowledgeable ebikers say of us… "Seattle E-Bike, is there nothing they can't do!" Duh.

Complete electrifications with battery start at $1750.  Max street legal, $2000. Rockets, $2400 to $3000. Our full suspension builds, $5500 to $7000.  

In some cases, but not often, idiosyncrasies in your bike may increase price.  We also reserve the right to insist on certain upgrades and strengthening components, to handle the power and the speed safely.