Seattle Traffic Is Changing How We Live

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  • By Brian Nordwell
Seattle Traffic Is Changing How We Live

Your correspondent freely admits that the owner of an E-Bike store is not inclined to sing the praises of automobile traffic. You have read a rant or two here before. But I have just noticed a form of proof, at least in my life and among my friends an associates.


Increasingly, no one who is going to need to rely on cars or buses to get somewhere wants to plan any trips, meetings, or errands before 10:30 in the morning or after 2:30 in the afternoon. To the extent they can do so, they have felt forced to shrink the day. Or, rather, traffic has compelled us to shrink the day. Yes, while there are bus lanes, buses inevitably have to merge into the rest of the mess from time to time. Even if you are an E-Bike rider, and largely immune, you sometimes still have to depend on others who cannot avoid the nightmare.  


And besides misery and stress, all of us our paying for it in so many other ways.  

Why are rents so high close in? Because if you live far away, the traffic ruins your life.  Why is food and other stuff you need so expensive? Because the people and trucks that deliver it either have to do it in the middle of the night at a premium or spend double or triple the time during business hours.


Another way of putting this is that there are now only 3 business hours a day, from 10:30 to 2:30, and only then with a bit of luck, and it affects health, productivity, food and housing prices, in short, virtually every indice of quality of life. 


What can you do about it?


  1. Throw the bums out, and wait 20 to 30 years….or, if you do not have the patience of Job...
  2. Ditch your car, your Uber, your Lyft, and even your bus, and ride a bike. If you are an Olympian, a regular bike will do, but if you are a mortal dealing with Seattle’s hills, use an E-Bike. (I swear I am not biased).


OK how does one conversion from 4 wheels to 2 help?


First, it helps you, the individual, enormously. Imagine knowing how long it was going to take you to get where you are going. What a concept! Not to mention, no insurance, no fares, no car payments, and 1/250 the fuel cost, and great exercise. 


There is one way it helps the big problem. More and more drivers stuck in gridlock are going to notice you zooming by. They have all of the time in the world to ponder that.  That is one of many reasons that e-bike ownership is soaring. So you may unknowingly convince a person or two to throw off their shackles, which will in turn lead to the liberation of others by example. And so on, and so on.


We took a survey of our E-Bike buyers a little while ago. Of those who responded, virtually all of them had reduced their auto usage. And get this, 19% of them had ditched a car!!  Yes, got rid of a car.

So do yourself a favor, and do your fellow humans a favor.  JOIN THE E-BIKE NATION