Sorry to bother you....,

We have the best new E-bikes on the market.

 Sorry To Bother You....,  But

 Earlier today we learned that one or more unscrupulous competitors have been circulating the falsehood that Seattle E-Bike is going out of business.  This is not true. We are still the biggest, still the best. 


 Just last week, we introduced to the U.S. Market, the lightest carbon e-bike on the planet under $16,000, ( in fact, more than $10,000 less).  


 Introducing the IGO CVG Carbon Road.  28 pounds, 8 ounces, with a very powerful motor.

     Carbon CGV

 We are not going to recognize these tactics with legal action.  Instead we are going to continue to search out, and bring you the best E-Bikes on earth. 


Come check us out.  We are open Tuesday thru Friday, 11 to 7  and Saturday, 11 to 6.