Spring Coming Soon

Spring Coming Soon

To paraphrase the camel in the Geico commercial, “Guess what day Sunday will be?”. No, not hump day, but the first day of Daylight Savings Time.

In December and January, it got dark at between 3 PM and 4:30 PM depending on the cloud cover. I can remember one day when it seemed like the Sun just took a pass. Slowly, the days have crept longer, and if it’s sunny, it doesn’t get dark until around 6PM. This coming Sunday, it will get dark at 7PM with each following day almost four minutes longer than the previous one.

We will all have much more time to enjoy the outdoors. For many, that means bicycling. And for the most fortunate, that means riding their E-Bikes. We have seen every year for the past seven years that E-Bikes have gotten better and better. This trend is accelerating as the E-Bike revolution that swept Northern Europe has finally come to North America in a big way.

If you do not have an E-Bike yet, or if yours is already several years old, you might want to stop by and see some of the latest bikes, scooters, and boards on offer. Electric battery and motor technologies are advancing rapidly and we have some of the latest models. Take a few bikes out on test drives. We have designed test drive courses for every user pattern like steep hills, high-speed commuting, mountain trails, and the rough Seattle streets.

E-Bikes for boats and RVs.

E-Scooters for getting to the train or ferry.

Perfect for the Urban Warriors among you.