STIGO electric bikes are here!

stigo electric scooter

Just before Christmas, we blogged you about our last mile solutions.  One of them was a disclosed tease, the very cool Stigo from Estonia had not shown up.  But they are here now, and they are a blast.  Come by and take a look at our sales guy, 6 foot 4 inch, Ryan zooming around.  He has long legs for his height, and he says the Stigo fits him perfectly.  Watch Ryan fold it and unfold it.  It takes about 5 seconds each time.  The Stigo is perfect for riding to the Bus, maybe going to an express stop, or the train station or ferry.  Skip the park and ride, skip the filled front bike rack.  Jump off, snap, click, walk on the bus with your Stigo.  At the other end, do it again and go. Where you work it will fit anywhere.

The Stigo is so maneuverable you can test it right in our big showroom, or run it up Jackson Street from our store.  Check our their site & videos below for a little more information.

On another matter, we are being overwhelmed with request for the new Abus Hi Speed Pedelec helmet. That is a very good thing, because it protects you at speeds up to 30 miles per hour, instead of 15 like an ordinary helmet.  E-Bikes are fast, and going down some of Seattle's hills can take any bike over 15. Abus has been overwhelmed by European demand and have put off delivering to any US dealer for about 3 weeks.  We are a select Abus dealer, and will be the first to get them.  Stay tuned.  BUT, it is clear are first allocation will be gone in a nonce, so we are recommending you call in and buy one now.