Find out why this is the best time to buy a STROMER from Seattle E-Bike

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Find out why this is the best time to buy a STROMER from Seattle E-Bike

If you follow our blogs, you will have seen that we’re having a clearance sale right now featuring some brand new, older model e-bikes. We wanted to call your attention specifically to amazing savings on the Stromer ST2; normally $6,000 and now $5,500.


We rarely discount Stromer. In fact, virtually never. They’re our flagship E-Bike brand and considered by many to be the finest E-Bikes in the world.


As you might expect for a Swiss company sitting on top of the E-Bike world, Stromer is never complacent and always innovating. Back in the day, the Stromer ST2 was priced at $8,000 and we sold many.


Now, their latest super Stromer is called the ST5 and is priced at $10,000. Stromer has also added the ST3 at $7,500 which replaces both the ST2-S and the ST2. This is where your amazing buying opportunity happens.


Normally, Stromer does not allow us to discount their products, but because the ST2’s price was already lowered to $6,500 and they are now discontinued, we have made arrangements with Stromer to offer you your very own Stromer ST2 for $5,500. Here’s what you get.


* The incomparable Swiss driving experience by Stromer.
* A huge, 814 watt-hour battery with up to 100 miles of range.
* The obsessively perfect assembly techniques Stromer is famous for, including internally routed cables.
* A touch screen that integrates with your smartphone.
* A carbon fiber fork which absorbs vibration and provides rigidity contributing to its great handling.


This offer is limited to stock on hand, so come on in for a test ride.

FYI, we also have on sale a previously owned black step-through ST2 for $4,850.