Stromer ST5 Special Offer

This the first time, and maybe the only time, that our Product of the Week and Screaming Deal of the week are the same E-Bike. But this is an extraordinary opportunity.  


We have written several stories about the new Stromer ST5. For even more information, you can read more about it on Stromer's official website here.


How can a new $9,995 bike be a Screaming Deal?
When it’s priced to sell at
$8,450, that’s how.


The ST5 is worth every penny of its full price, and will likely never be discounted again. BUT, if being Stromer was easy, everyone would do it. To satisfy the clamor in the US for the ST5, Stromer airshipped all ST5's destined for the West Coast. Stromer's CEO has informed us that packaging issues have caused some MINOR scratches here and there, and even an occasional chip. But that’s it. Everything else is perfect Stromer! Most people wouldn’t really care and some would never even notice. So there it is: The Screaming Deal of the Week.


The next batch will come by ship in early January, and with redesigned packaging to boot. So this really is a one-time-only offer. We have 2 in stock today, 5 more coming next week, and that is all we will ever have for less than $9,995.


At $8,450, these machines are truly a Screaming Deal. It seems too good to be true, but there is a reason. Swiss perfectionism. Be one of the Lucky Seven and stop by the store today.

Seattle E-Bike Stromer ST5

An ST5 in all its glory


Seattle E-Bike Stromer ST5

A chip that will save you $1550

Seattle E-Bike Stromer ST5
A scratch that will save you $1550


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