Bike of the Week and Screaming Deal of the Week!

Yes, yes, we missed last week, the second week of this undertaking.  Well, stuff happens.  We are summer time busy, and Alex our assistant manager and lead sales person, broke his collarbone in not one, but two places.  Ouch!  Alex is on injured reserve, please send out a good thought for him.  I don't know why he picked a fight with Mike Tyson.  If you are an ortho surgeon, and have some slots sooner than ten days from now, please call me immediately.  Our service techs can provide the pins.  So Ryan, who makes these blogs pretty, is spending most of his time covering the sales floor.  So we blew it.  You probably do not care, but I do.  This is going to be a regular feature.  But also, the one week wait was worth it, because, at long last, the bike of the week is, drum roll please...



The Stromer ST5.  Development and production take a long time.  I rode an ST5 prototype at Eurobike 2017, more than a year ago.  The new top of the Stromer line is worth the wait, though.  It has a larger, 27.5 inch wheels, which I think is ideal, especially since the power has been increased.  Read more at  Every possible bell and whistle, you will note that the claimed rating is 850 watts, with the U.S rating "TBD."  Worry not, Stromer has always been, how shall we say it, extremely conservative with its ratings.  The ST5 will be wicked quick.  Stromer bikes are not light, but they handle. We have always referred to the ST2S as the Mercedes S-Class AMG of E-Bikes.  The ST-5 is the S-Class AMG 12 litre biturbo of E-Bikes. Only two less wheels, for $211,000 less, and it will blow the doors of the AMG every time in Seattle rush hour traffic.

At 4 a.m. Saturday morning, I finally received confirmation that the first two should be at Seattle E-Bike this week.  One is spoken for, the other will be a short terms demo until we can no longer fight people off. # more come about September 14.  Our order was not completely ready when the truck showed up, so they are flying 3 to us at their expense.

There is a way you can know exactly when you will get your ST5.  The ST5 is $10,000, and it is pre-selling like popcorn.  Stromer has a deal with an air freight company.  You can buy one from us, and they will put it on the plane in Zurich for $300, which is about $800 less than typical, and less than one third of what the State of Washington will charge you, just for the privilege of buying it.  

Supplies are limited for that offer, but our operators are standing by.  

Stromer ST5 - $9999.00



FYI, our last Screamer were the Emazings, we have since the markdown, sold 5.  Thank you for recognizing a Screaming Deal when you see one.  We have a few more, though.

This week are the Besv bikes.  Our Besv’s come with 20” wheels, the PS-1, and 28” wheels, the LX-1.  I think they are gorgeous, see below, and they have a cantilevered seat that soaks up the bumps.  But they are not quick, and market acceptance has been mediocre to poor. So the $3999 LX-1 is now a Screaming Deal at $1799, more than 50 percent off, and the $1999 PS-1 is now $999.  We do not have many, so come on down.

BESV LX1 - $1799.00

BESV PS1 - $999.00


Next week, and I mean next week, we will move out Kalkhoffs, and feature the sale our most popular bike line, Blix, is having.



Seattle E-Bike is having a Late Winter Blowout!

Spring is in the air, at least for rugged Seattleites it is, but according to the calendar, and the weatherman, it is still late winter...  A great time to offer dramatic markdowns on some older model bikes, so we can make room for the incoming.  We are offering four of our lines.  Two with full warranty, two more greatly discounted, with limited warranties.  All offerings are limited to stock on hand.

The Wallerang Urban Cargo is one of our finest bikes.  Made in Sweden, you will see them around town delivering Domino's Pizza's.  Regularly $4399, now $3450.  Full 3 year warranty on frame, two years on everything else.

Wallerang M.01 or M.02 - Was $4399, now $3450!


BESV of Germany, makes E-Bikes with stunning design, built of carbon fiber.  The LX-1 is their full size model, a beautiful E-Bike with excellent range, was $3999, now $2250. The LX-1 has baby brother, the PS-1, same beautiful style, but 20 inch wheels, and a smaller motor and battery. It has always been a bargain at $1999, now $1400. Both Models are manufacturers warranty only.

BESV LX-1 - Was $3999, now $2250!

BESV PS-1 - Was $1999, now $1400!


We have some 2016 Kalkhoff bikes at extremely good prices, many new in box.  These bikes are made in Germany, with Powerful center drive motors.  All models are Direct Manufacturers Warranty only.

Kalkhoff Pro-Connect S10 - Was $3999, now $1999!~

Kalkhoff Impulse 8 HS - Was $3399, now $1750!

Kalkhoff Impulse 7HS - Was $2999, now $1500!


Emazing is one of are oldest and most successful economy brands, but we have accumulated too many. They are lightweight and strong, and perform surprising well for a 350 watt bike, largely due to their perfectly tuned pedelec system.  All models are marked down from $1999, to screaming deal at $1299. That is by far the best new full size E-Bike you can buy for that price. Includes 6 month warranty, 90 days on battery.

Emazing Artemis - Was $1999, now $1299!

Emazing Coeus - Was $1999, now $1299!

Emazing Apollo - Was $1999, now $1299!




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