Why are GoCycle bikes so special?

Why are GoCycle bikes so special?  Because they are so superbly engineered that they bust all folding and compact bike preconceptions.

Preconception 1. Folding bikes are less rigid.

Generally true, but not with the GoCycle. Rigidity is important in a bike. The less stiff the frame, the more energy is wasted in flex when you pedal. Our other folding bikes do a good job of reducing flex, but they do not eliminate it. They are still a good value, because they are inexpensive, relatively light, and you can fit two in the trunk of a car, safe from thieves. We have one elderly couple that circumnavigates San Juan Island, 49 miles, on two of our Blix Folding bikes.  Gocycle eliminates flex completely with an ingenious integral locking system that I cannot explain, you have to see it. It is stiffer than virtually all bikes, E or otherwise, because it has a magnesium frame.

Preconception 2: Bikes with 20 inch wheels do not perform like bikes with 26 to 29 inch wheels.

Again, generally true, but not with GoCycle.  GoCycle does not have a 20 inch bike wheelbase, it has a full size wheelbase, allowed by the strength of magnesium and its ingenious frame design. But wait, there’s more…. The 20 inch tyres on the GoCycle have to be seen, to be believed.  Incredibly low friction, and high pressure, compensate for their small diameter.  Just Bragging: GoCycle is the lightest full power E-Bike at 36 pounds, and you can buy a beautiful canvas bag to carry it in. They are faster than standard E-Bikes, with great acceleration.

Preconception 3: GoCycles are expensive.

This was true, although for the quality and engineering, they were a bargain at $4499. That is still the price of the electronically loaded G3. However the new GS is only $2799, an astonishingly low price for what you get, and an English build (That’s why I called them “tyres”).  Everything I have said about the GoCycle is true for both the G3 and the GS. With the GS, they have just stripped off all of the bells and whistles (and the fenders, it’s only 36 pounds) If you want some G3 stuff on your GS, we can oblige.  

How did they do it? They hired the chief designer of McLaren Automotive. They make, along with Ferrari, the world’s best Formula race cars.  You can also buy a street McLaren for under $200k that goes 204 mph, or the top of the line, about $4 million, that is the world’s fastest production car, at 244 mph.  The guy who designed those cars designed your GoCycle.


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