Seattle E-Bike is having a Late Winter Blowout!

Spring is in the air, at least for rugged Seattleites it is, but according to the calendar, and the weatherman, it is still late winter...  A great time to offer dramatic markdowns on some older model bikes, so we can make room for the incoming.  We are offering four of our lines.  Two with full warranty, two more greatly discounted, with limited warranties.  All offerings are limited to stock on hand.

The Wallerang Urban Cargo is one of our finest bikes.  Made in Sweden, you will see them around town delivering Domino's Pizza's.  Regularly $4399, now $3450.  Full 3 year warranty on frame, two years on everything else.

Wallerang M.01 or M.02 - Was $4399, now $3450!


BESV of Germany, makes E-Bikes with stunning design, built of carbon fiber.  The LX-1 is their full size model, a beautiful E-Bike with excellent range, was $3999, now $2250. The LX-1 has baby brother, the PS-1, same beautiful style, but 20 inch wheels, and a smaller motor and battery. It has always been a bargain at $1999, now $1400. Both Models are manufacturers warranty only.

BESV LX-1 - Was $3999, now $2250!

BESV PS-1 - Was $1999, now $1400!


We have some 2016 Kalkhoff bikes at extremely good prices, many new in box.  These bikes are made in Germany, with Powerful center drive motors.  All models are Direct Manufacturers Warranty only.

Kalkhoff Pro-Connect S10 - Was $3999, now $1999!~

Kalkhoff Impulse 8 HS - Was $3399, now $1750!

Kalkhoff Impulse 7HS - Was $2999, now $1500!


Emazing is one of are oldest and most successful economy brands, but we have accumulated too many. They are lightweight and strong, and perform surprising well for a 350 watt bike, largely due to their perfectly tuned pedelec system.  All models are marked down from $1999, to screaming deal at $1299. That is by far the best new full size E-Bike you can buy for that price. Includes 6 month warranty, 90 days on battery.

Emazing Artemis - Was $1999, now $1299!

Emazing Coeus - Was $1999, now $1299!

Emazing Apollo - Was $1999, now $1299!




Focus & Kalkhoff E-Bikes: Our newest bike line!

We got Chills and they’re Electrifying!!

Yes it’s true. It’s not the cold weather causing them, but rather our excitement after our first test ride on a Thron Impulse by Focus, a masterpiece of German bicycle engineering, and new addition to the Seattle E-bike family. Just shipped in last week, our mechanic Ben attested to his satisfaction of the bike after taking it for a test ride with an ear-to-ear grin. A couple more test rides later and our staff was demonstrating excitement on par with kids on Christmas morning.

Well Santa, I’m saying it now: all I want for Christmas is a Focus Thron Impulse


Almost since our inception, we have been the northwest go-to hot spot for E-bikes, especially European-made, from slick SEV Velicks to elegant cruisers by Johnny Loco and Lampociclo. It’s safe to say that we were thrilled and honored to be approached by Derby Cycles, the largest manufacturer of Bicycles in Germany (a country surpassed by almost none in regards to vehicle engineering) to represent their E-bike lines: Focus and Kalkhoff. Their superb bikes are configured for all tastes, including Commuter, Euro-style Cruisers, Hard Tail Mountain Bikes, and most especially (!!!) that beautiful specimen of German bike engineering: the Thron, one of our only full-suspension Mountain E-Bikes, and probably the most capable E-Bike we've ever carried…


And here’s why:

Made in Cloppenburg, Germany, all Focus and Kalkhoff E-bikes are finished and assembled in the factory (a unique practice in today’s bicycle industry) and are equipped with their proprietary mid-drive Impulse Motor System, designed and engineered in-house. They are also the only E-Bike manufacturers we know of who make their own motors. Very high in initial torque, and with proprietary sensors, these are the smoothest shifting mid-drive E-Bikes we've ever tried. Nominally rated at 250 and 350 watts, they out-perform other bikes rated at twice that wattage, and the larger battery versions have range ratings from 50-127 miles!

It’s not a stretch to say this motor system has a huge part to do with why we are so in love with their bikes.

And did we mention Torque?? The Thron we tried out lacks the usual delay of one full rotation (or more) of the wheel/pedal before the power assist kicks in typical of most E-Bikes. Instead, it has an almost instantaneous assist, giving us our “go” right when we ask for it, a result more in-line with a car or motorcycle; thus giving us a more controlled and effective riding experience. Nothing is better than knowing you can get out of the way of a naughty driver right when you need to or conquer a steep incline right away.

We won’t even get into the way the bike looks, or the multitude of top-of-the-line components by well-reputable brands that combine to create this mastery of bicycle engineering. You need to see it to believe it. You need to ride it to get it. Come visit us to take a test ride…It’s still not too late to tell Santa about the Thron.


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