Bike of the Week and Screaming Deal of the Week!

This is normally a Tuesday feature but Yesterday was September 11, which will always be a solemn day in our history, I am not going to push bikes on the net on that date.

I want to thank our readers.  Your response to this feature has been terrific.  Good for both featured bikes, but the Screamers have been screaming out of the store. Something to think about. They are extraordinary deals.



Our Bike of the week is three Bikes.  All made by Blix bikes.  Blix has been a steadfast, high selling bike for us for more than 5 years, and keeps getting stronger.  They offer tremendous value in a good looking well executed package. Our bike of the week is never discounted, but it sometime a vehicle for announcing a manufacturer's sale on a product we love.  Blix is holding a $200 off sale on their diamond frame bikes:

The Blix Stockholm, with hydraulic disc brakes and a 500 watt rear hub motor, was $2099, is  now $1899!

Blix Stockholm - $1899.00

The Komfort Prima, with hydraulics brakes and a Shimano Steps Center Drive motor, was $2649, and now has been reduced to $2449!

Blix Komfort Prima Step-Over - $2449.00

The Aveny has disc brakes, but not hydraulic, and a 350 watt motor.  It was $1899, now its $1699!  It could be a screaming deal if it was not the bike of the week. 

Blix Aveny Step-Over - $1699.00



We love Easy Motion Bikes, and our customers do as well.  But their small folding bike, the Volt, usually loses out to our all time best seller, the Blix Vika+, But that was before they were practically free.

Our Screaming Deal of the week is the Volt by Easy Motion.  We only have two, they are super-light at 38 pounds.  They fold, you can stick them both in the trunk of your car, or a locker on a boat.  They were $1499, now Screaming out of the store at $950!  Even though Screaming Deals do not come with a in store warranty, the Volts come with Easy Motion's best in the industry 5 year warranty on most components.  Great company, fine, lightweight folder, but the market has spoken.  Come steal'em!

Easy Motion EasyGo Volt - $950.00


Bike of the Week and Screaming Deal of the Week!

Yes, yes, we missed last week, the second week of this undertaking.  Well, stuff happens.  We are summer time busy, and Alex our assistant manager and lead sales person, broke his collarbone in not one, but two places.  Ouch!  Alex is on injured reserve, please send out a good thought for him.  I don't know why he picked a fight with Mike Tyson.  If you are an ortho surgeon, and have some slots sooner than ten days from now, please call me immediately.  Our service techs can provide the pins.  So Ryan, who makes these blogs pretty, is spending most of his time covering the sales floor.  So we blew it.  You probably do not care, but I do.  This is going to be a regular feature.  But also, the one week wait was worth it, because, at long last, the bike of the week is, drum roll please...



The Stromer ST5.  Development and production take a long time.  I rode an ST5 prototype at Eurobike 2017, more than a year ago.  The new top of the Stromer line is worth the wait, though.  It has a larger, 27.5 inch wheels, which I think is ideal, especially since the power has been increased.  Read more at  Every possible bell and whistle, you will note that the claimed rating is 850 watts, with the U.S rating "TBD."  Worry not, Stromer has always been, how shall we say it, extremely conservative with its ratings.  The ST5 will be wicked quick.  Stromer bikes are not light, but they handle. We have always referred to the ST2S as the Mercedes S-Class AMG of E-Bikes.  The ST-5 is the S-Class AMG 12 litre biturbo of E-Bikes. Only two less wheels, for $211,000 less, and it will blow the doors of the AMG every time in Seattle rush hour traffic.

At 4 a.m. Saturday morning, I finally received confirmation that the first two should be at Seattle E-Bike this week.  One is spoken for, the other will be a short terms demo until we can no longer fight people off. # more come about September 14.  Our order was not completely ready when the truck showed up, so they are flying 3 to us at their expense.

There is a way you can know exactly when you will get your ST5.  The ST5 is $10,000, and it is pre-selling like popcorn.  Stromer has a deal with an air freight company.  You can buy one from us, and they will put it on the plane in Zurich for $300, which is about $800 less than typical, and less than one third of what the State of Washington will charge you, just for the privilege of buying it.  

Supplies are limited for that offer, but our operators are standing by.  

Stromer ST5 - $9999.00



FYI, our last Screamer were the Emazings, we have since the markdown, sold 5.  Thank you for recognizing a Screaming Deal when you see one.  We have a few more, though.

This week are the Besv bikes.  Our Besv’s come with 20” wheels, the PS-1, and 28” wheels, the LX-1.  I think they are gorgeous, see below, and they have a cantilevered seat that soaks up the bumps.  But they are not quick, and market acceptance has been mediocre to poor. So the $3999 LX-1 is now a Screaming Deal at $1799, more than 50 percent off, and the $1999 PS-1 is now $999.  We do not have many, so come on down.

BESV LX1 - $1799.00

BESV PS1 - $999.00


Next week, and I mean next week, we will move out Kalkhoffs, and feature the sale our most popular bike line, Blix, is having.



About China Pt 2: Seattle E-Bike will not be significantly affected by the Tariffs imposed on Chinese E-Bikes

Effective yesterday, the United States has imposed a 25% tariff on Chinese manufactured E-Bikes. This will likely impact our industry considerably, especially if the tariff remains in place, and is not just a negotiating tool, which it may be.  If not, the companies that largely rely on Chinese production to offer entry level E-Bikes will have to raise their prices.

A July 17 Seattle Times Article extensively quoted Mike Radenbaugh, one of the owners of Rad Power bikes, which is the mega supplier of Chinese E-bikes to the U.S.  Mike indicated that there was no US E-Bike industry to protect. That is not exactly correct.

Seattle E-Bike has been selling US made bikes for 5 years.  They are of superb quality, and now, those companies will have a chance to grow, as they are no longer competing with the government of China, and sweatshop working conditions.

We electrify Volcanic Bikes.  You may notice them around, you can't miss, them, every Seattle Bike Patrol officer rides one.  For a good reason. They advertise they make "the toughest bikes on earth" quite a claim, but this author inadvertently tested that on a rain hidden six inch deep pothole.  I flew over 25 feet and fractured my skull. The Volcanic was perfectly fine. Not even a bent rim or broken spoke. I broke, the Volcanic did not. It is the toughest bike in the world, IMHO, and now they can flourish.   A picture of the Volcanic is below. I will spare you the X-rays. I was very lucky. Miraculously, I am smarter than ever.

Vintage Electric is also a US build.  Like the Volcanic, you can see it in the welds, the quality components, and so much more.  Our customers love their retro look, their superb components, and their speed.

Rad Power's owner is also not exactly accurate when he states that no innovation is going on in this industry.  In fact, an amazing amount is going on in this industry. Now we will see more, as the innovators thrive, having less fierce competition from a nation known for stealing others' innovations.

Rad Power is correct that Europe is the center of the quality E-Bike industry.  That is why Seattle E-Bike carries them, most of our bikes are from Estonia, France, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Italy.  We used to sell a lot of Emazing bikes. They were made in Taiwan. They shifted production to China, and quality deteriorated, so we closed them out.  We have another Chinese line, but we have been closing them out as well.

It is true that having some components from China is unavoidable.  It is simply too dominant in certain areas. We source the best components we can find, and the ones we use, we are happy with.  Certain components will be subject to the 25% duty, others not. They are a small enough part of the value of our products, that we do not anticipate any significant price moves.

Join the flight to quality, stop by Seattle E-Bike and see what innovation is all about.  We are now open until 7 pm, Tuesday through Saturday.


Oh, the irony. Emazing!

My calendar was set today to announce an absolutely screaming clearance on Emazing bicycles, already our lowest priced bike.  We are closing them out because they have moved production from Taiwan to China.

Now, low and behold, the U.S. announced today it was slapping a 25% tariff on Chinese E-Bikes.

What does this mean?

  • 1.  The days of the $1500 Chinese E-Bike are likely numbered.
  • 2.  Emazing will probably move its production back to Taiwan, where their quality was                                                             higher, and if so, we may reconsider carrying them.
  • 3.  Our closeout E-Mazing's are suddenly worth more, as are all of our low end bikes,                                                        because the ultra cheap Chinese bike is likely going the way of the the Dodo bird.

We were going to clear out our remaining Emazings at $999.  Originally $1799 to $1999. Now that seems too low.  Please standby, I am thinking.... Well call me a fool (you won't be the first), or call me a saint (you will be the first), we are going to stick to our knitting.  ALL REMAINING EMAZING BIKES ARE $999!!! Obviously this offer is limited to stock on hand.

About the Emazing:  Back when there were not a lot of high powered E-Bikes, which is what we mainly sell, we sold hundreds of them.  They are nice looking, are emazingly light (pun), and handle well. But we, and others in our wake, have worked to find bikes that can blast up Seattle's hills.  The Emazing takes a little more work. Some people like that, and now they can have it for $999.



Seattle E-Bike is changing its hours!


We have studied our traffic flows, listened to customer feedback and determined we can serve our customers better by staying open later.  Effective Tuesday, July 17th, we will stay open until 7pm, instead of the current 6pm.  Opening time remains 10:30am.

So that we can be fully staffed at all times under this new system, we will now be open from Tuesday - Saturday.  Closed Sunday as always, and now Monday as well.  Now any day you visit us, our full complement of mechanics and sales staff will be available.  

As always, if you have a compelling need for sales assistance and different hours, call 206-344-8000, and we may be able to help you.

We appreciate your patronage.


At Seattle E-Bike, innovation is our middle name!

For $40 we can completely evaluate all of your bike's electric components.

Come to 220 South Jackson Street, our home, and you will see a 3000 square foot showroom.  Ah, but there is more, downstairs, 3400 square feet, most of it devoted to the practice of the arcane art of E-Bike diagnosis, repair, fabrication, and even creation of our own custom machines.

Once a month, whether they need it or not, I let the gnomes up to see sunlight.  You should see them squint.  Much more frequently, they ask me to buy them stuff.  Machines and devices that often seem exotic, always seem expensive. But I have to feed them something, so they usually prevail.  Actually, I sometime cook for them as well.

I have to admit, the machines are cool, and do useful things to help us offer good service, and create new E-Bike experiences.  Stay tuned for a blog about our "party" bikes.

For some months, we have offered a comprehensive diagnosis of the bicycle part of your E-Bike for $90, and that includes a brief diagnosis of the electrical side of things.

Now, we have a new set of magical devices assembled.  We can now, very completely, diagnose the entire electrical side of your E-Bike in a very thorough way.  We can tell if your motor output is as rated, and if not, why. That involves evaluating not just the motor itself, but the various sensors and controllers that tell it how to perform, and how to fully perform.  We can even evaluate the controls that link you to your motor, which give you input into the entire process. We can literally look into the soul of your battery, and see not only if it will charge up, but whether and why it will, or will not, hold its designed amount of charge.

Through the miracles of modern technology, and the genius of our gnomes, we can offer this complete electric diagnosis, this magic, very efficiently, for only $40.  Far less than two high quality, large, three topping pizzas. (trades considered)

Not climbing hills like it used too?  Top speed down? Cutting out at the worst possible time? (Whenever it cuts out, it is always the worst possible time)  Seems like battery range is decreasing? Leave your bike with us for 3 to five days (the battery process requires patience) and you will get a report on your system, telling you what is wrong, what it would cost to repair and replace, or possibly, telling you it is your imagination and you have wasted $40.  (Our rates for telling you why you are imagining things are $275 per hour, with absolutely no estimate on the number of hours required, it could take years).


We were cargo, before cargo was cool!

Visionary is Seattle E-Bike's middle name, or it would be if it were not so awkward.  The first fat bike you ever saw in Seattle probably came from us about five and a half years ago.  The first electric fat bike and quite possibly the first mid-drive electric bikes.

We have also been selling cargo bikes, both electric and non-electric, for almost six years.  Johnny Loco, Worksman, Yuba, Surly, Urban Arrow. This year, in the US, will be the first real "year of the E-Bike."  But everywhere, including Europe, where E-Bikes now lead unassisted bikes in sales, cargo bikes have suddenly become it.

About time.  Usings electric assist to carry cargo, including that most precious of Cargo, children, is a tremendous way to leverage the power.  You can carry two kids, or 20 bags of groceries, or and entire house painting project. If you are a restaurateur who shops the market, you can forget the traffic, pick up 10 loaves of french bread, 6 salmon on ice, 8 heads of Lacinato kale, 12 mangoes, 20 oranges, 8 plantains, a kazoo, and of course, 25 pounds of onions, then be back in your Pioneer Square kitchen 15 minutes after you leave the market, 30 minutes quicker than it would take you in a small truck at 2 pm, an hour quicker than a 5 o'clock.   Oh, and you can brag on your menu that the locavore food was transported with zero emission technology and used less than 1/2 of one percent of the energy resources a small truck would. 

If you have kids, our Urban Arrows gently guide there movements with five point belts, and encase them in a carriage surrounded by thick aluminum tubing lines with the same amazing material found in our best helmets

Cargo bikes are versatile, practical, incredibly easy on the earth, cool looking and so much fun.  The Urban Arrow Shorty even rides like a regular bike.  Stop by and try one today!


*Note to our Johnny Loco fans:  we have almost sold out of the half container of Locos we had.  Procurement is difficult, so we are taking subscriptions for the next load.  Give us a call, pay one third down, and reserve your Loco in advance!



UPS and Torqeedo recognize that Seattle E-Bike’s Service Capability is the best!

At Seattle E-Bike, we not only service what we sell, we service what other people sell.  As E-Bike’s explode in popularity, more and more shops are selling them, often with no supporting service department.  Then there is the “wealth” of online choices.  Some of them repairable, some of them hopeless.  If your third party vendor E-Bike seems hopeless, it may be, but you should try us first.  We have the tech’s and tens of thousands of spare parts.

United Parcel Service thinks so.  They are about to begin Beta testing a “Brown” electric trike in Seattle.  They need two hour service, and they have contracted with us to give it to them.  We will.  If you soon see 20 or 40 clean green electric UPS truck trikes on the streets, it will be in part because we made them work for them.

German electric boat motor manufacturer Torqeedo also has recognized our technical prowess.  Some months ago, Torqeedo invited us to send our lead tech to their training school in Crystal Lake, Illinois.  They have now designated Seattle E-Bike a designated authorized service center, the twelfth in North America and the only one between Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston.  

Torqeedo makes the best marine electric motor in the world, there are hundred or more Torqeedo dealers in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba to name a few.  And they all now have a much closer service center to get repairs.

Only one authorized Service Center, Seattle E-Bike.


The FANTICS are coming!

Seattle E-Bike is proud to say we have been selected as the exclusive Northwest dealer for Fantic Electric Bikes.  They are Italian. Fantic began 50 years ago in Treviso Italy, building motocross and motard gasoline race machines.  Treviso is in the shadow of the Dolomites. Talk to anyone who has seen most of the world's mountain ranges, and they will rank the Dolomite highly.  Sharper peaks even than the North Cascades, although a less tangled range. Google them, they are stunning and obviously have provided tremendous steep trails for Fantic to develop their bikes.  Fantic makes both full suspension, mtb, and a line of Mountain/City bikes called the Gravel. We have ordered the Gravel X Titanium. Elegant, fast, capable. Since Seattle's streets are often rougher than mountain trails, the Gravel can be your perfect commuter/trail riding combination.  All are rough terrain oriented. All have superb components, top to bottom. Even the lithium batteries, almost always made in Asia, are made in Germany by BMZ. With price points from $4000 to $8500, you have a right to expect the best. Fantic is it. We have waited a long time to find a super premium machine in the off road niche.  Now we have it, or will by May 11th.

Give us a call to arrange a test ride

In the meantime, feast your eyes on the Gravel X (sorry, Titanium not shown). and the XF1 Enduro.


Introducing the Wallerang Tapper, with Shimano's new STEPS 8000 motor.

We love our made in Sweden Wallerang.  There are actually dots over the name, but not on my keyboard.  Made in Goteborg (more missing dots) where you catch the ferry to Germany, Wallerang has long been one of our best sellers. You may see them about delivering pizza, as they make a great light delivery bike.  Shimano Steps is one of our most popular center drive setups available. It comes on a number of our brands. The Tapper still has the same substantial front and rear racks, but in a sleeker, faster package.

Wallerang has really raised its game with the Tapper.  It is rare for a new model year to bring so many improvements.  Was: Shimano Steps 6000, now, the considerably more powerful Steps 8000, a brand new drive from Shimano.  Was: Alfine Hubs, now, and incredibly slick & smooth electronic derailleur shifting system. Slightly more manual than the electronic shifting on the $9000 Stromer ST2S, but about as smooth, which is very smooth, worth more discretion.

They have also taken a page from Stromer's book by slimming down the tires two sizes, and hiding more of the cables and wires, for a very clean look.  The price is went up $900, to $4599, but the improvements make it a bargain.

About all it’s missing is the Stromer's 28 + mph speed.  BUT WAIT… our extremely talented gnomes in the basement can fix that.  Using a sophisticated device we import from Germany, we can make your Tapper a 28 mph bike, for an additional $325.  Please don't tell anyone, the news could wind up on the internet.

Take a look at this beauty:    


Its nag time.  Many of you have purchased our new Abus Pedelec helmet, including sensible non-electric riders.  In fact they are jumping off the shelves.  Supply is now steady, so there is no excuse to not buy one and own the first helmet that matches ebike speeds.  The offer to call your mother stands. I am not going to stop until I have 77.6% market penetration, so let’s get going.


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