Screaming Deal of the Week - Kulshan Scooters

Our Screaming Deal Price: $299

Seattle E-Bike introduced E-Scooters to Seattle in 2014. And we’re seeing more and more people zooming around town on them. It’s a great way to avoid the traffic jams and get where you’re going faster than everybody else.

We’ve seen some good ones over the years but we wanted something that could handle rough city streets a bit better than the average scooters. If you’re a bike rider, you know that cities don’t always do a great job maintaining their streets, and riding on small wheels can be a challenge. Our solution? A ten-inch, air-filled tire for a wider footprint and better grip in the rain.

I know. You’re wondering how we can offer these scooters at such a low price. Well, it’s because we’ve finally found a supplier of new, lighter-weight models with a choice of ten-inch or eight-inch wheels that we’ll be carrying in the near future for around $999.

So to make space, we’re clearing out our older models and can now offer them to you at a ridiculously low price. $299.00!

These are fitted with a powerful 800 watt brushed motor that really takes off on a straightaway at 20+ mph. And they have great suspension that can handle potholes, no problem. They’re heavy though, and can struggle up steep hills with a heavy rider so they’re probably not for everybody.

That said, how could you not want one at this screaming deal price? List price was $999. Screaming Deal Price - $299. Limited stock on hand. Come get one today while they last.

We carry bike accessories from all the top brands. ABUS, BROOKS, CONTINENTAL, CRANK BROTHERS, KASK, KINEKT, KNOG, MAXXIS, MONKEYLECTRIC, SELLE ROYAL, SHIMANO, THULE, and more. Come try out our electric bikes, boards, and scooters at Seattle E-Bike at 220 South Jackson Street in Seattle. We’re open Tues - Fri 10:30AM - 7PM, Sat 11AM - 6PM, Sunday & Mon closed. tel 206-344-8000.


Product of the Week - Yamaha E-Bike Motors

The PW motor has set a new a benchmark for eBike motor systems. PW delivers smooth, powerful and dependable performance for all riders, regardless if they find themselves on some sweet mountain trails or navigating the urban jungle.


Bike of the Week and Screaming Deal of the Week!

Yes, yes, we missed last week, the second week of this undertaking.  Well, stuff happens.  We are summer time busy, and Alex our assistant manager and lead sales person, broke his collarbone in not one, but two places.  Ouch!  Alex is on injured reserve, please send out a good thought for him.  I don't know why he picked a fight with Mike Tyson.  If you are an ortho surgeon, and have some slots sooner than ten days from now, please call me immediately.  Our service techs can provide the pins.  So Ryan, who makes these blogs pretty, is spending most of his time covering the sales floor.  So we blew it.  You probably do not care, but I do.  This is going to be a regular feature.  But also, the one week wait was worth it, because, at long last, the bike of the week is, drum roll please...



The Stromer ST5.  Development and production take a long time.  I rode an ST5 prototype at Eurobike 2017, more than a year ago.  The new top of the Stromer line is worth the wait, though.  It has a larger, 27.5 inch wheels, which I think is ideal, especially since the power has been increased.  Read more at  Every possible bell and whistle, you will note that the claimed rating is 850 watts, with the U.S rating "TBD."  Worry not, Stromer has always been, how shall we say it, extremely conservative with its ratings.  The ST5 will be wicked quick.  Stromer bikes are not light, but they handle. We have always referred to the ST2S as the Mercedes S-Class AMG of E-Bikes.  The ST-5 is the S-Class AMG 12 litre biturbo of E-Bikes. Only two less wheels, for $211,000 less, and it will blow the doors of the AMG every time in Seattle rush hour traffic.

At 4 a.m. Saturday morning, I finally received confirmation that the first two should be at Seattle E-Bike this week.  One is spoken for, the other will be a short terms demo until we can no longer fight people off. # more come about September 14.  Our order was not completely ready when the truck showed up, so they are flying 3 to us at their expense.

There is a way you can know exactly when you will get your ST5.  The ST5 is $10,000, and it is pre-selling like popcorn.  Stromer has a deal with an air freight company.  You can buy one from us, and they will put it on the plane in Zurich for $300, which is about $800 less than typical, and less than one third of what the State of Washington will charge you, just for the privilege of buying it.  

Supplies are limited for that offer, but our operators are standing by.  

Stromer ST5 - $9999.00



FYI, our last Screamer were the Emazings, we have since the markdown, sold 5.  Thank you for recognizing a Screaming Deal when you see one.  We have a few more, though.

This week are the Besv bikes.  Our Besv’s come with 20” wheels, the PS-1, and 28” wheels, the LX-1.  I think they are gorgeous, see below, and they have a cantilevered seat that soaks up the bumps.  But they are not quick, and market acceptance has been mediocre to poor. So the $3999 LX-1 is now a Screaming Deal at $1799, more than 50 percent off, and the $1999 PS-1 is now $999.  We do not have many, so come on down.

BESV LX1 - $1799.00

BESV PS1 - $999.00


Next week, and I mean next week, we will move out Kalkhoffs, and feature the sale our most popular bike line, Blix, is having.



European Bikes at Seattle E-Bike

The reason you can find wonderful European Bikes at Seattle E-Bike is because, since I started the store 6 years ago, I have flown each year to Eurobike, in Freiderichshavn Germany.  It is, by a factor of three, the largest bike and E-Bike show in the world.

In 2012, there were probably 10 E-Bike Brands at Eurobike taking up 2 percent of the show. This year, year 6 for me, there were at least 100 E-bike brands, the models taking up 15 percent or so of the space at the show, at least half of much more space as non assisted bikes.  (Over half the space is highly specialized, like rows of booths just offering pedals.)

I always follow my Eurobike visit with visits to major European cities  
This year Stockholm, and Gdansk.  Previous years Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Paris, Brussels, Brugge, Munich, Zurich, and various cities in France and Italy.  Every year, I see that the Urban Core of the Norther European cities are becoming increasingly dominated by bicycles.  In Amsterdam, more people own at least one bicycle (many own 4 or 5). More own bikes instead of owning a car.  The Dutch are the leaders, in boat building and bike usage. 

Now, now more than 40 percent of Dutch bicycle sales are electric bikes
Here in Stockholm I rented a bike (non electric) because one look at the density and size of central Stockholm told me that it was the best way to travel.  Riding around all day confirmed it.  I must have seen 100,000 bikes, and between the bike paths and their general presence everywhere, they are respected by motorists and I felt safe even with an oh so slow, 20 inch heavy, 3 speed rental.  But boy, did I wish I had an E-Bike.  There is a reason E-Bike's are taking over Eurobike.


Seattle is ahead of most of the U.S. in bike use, but hopelessly behind Northern Europe.   

Given the  our is good, its great to be outdoors, a little drizzle won't hurt you, and working your body is a virtue.... there can be only one reason bikes are not more prevalent in our traffic choked city.

Our hills!  Yes, our hills! 
Kansas is mountainous compared to the Netherlands.   The highest spot a Dutch person has to reach is 18 feet above sea level. Stockholm has grades, but not grades we would find noticeable.  London, Berlin, Brugge, Brussels, are all extremely flat.

If you want to comfortably and frequently, ride up Cherry Street, or Queen Anne Ave, or Stone Way, or climb over Beacon to Rainier, or make the run out on Madison to the Lake, or 35th West in West Seattle,  which has 33 times as much vertical that the entire country of the Netherlands, you have your work cut our for you.

Two must have links with great information for commuters

Gravity being immutable, you have two choices, if you want to really enjoy riding in Seattle, you can either work out hard an hour a day until you are 40, 2 hours a day until you are 60, and then three hours a day after that. can flatten our hills through the miracle of lithium powered electrical assist.  Still riding as hard as you wish, but going where you want, as far as you want and at speeds 50% to 200% faster, depending on the terrain.

Let's face facts,  if we are going to get more of our aging butts back on bikes,  and take back the City,  you need an E-Bike. 

Unless you are the athlete referenced above,  you owe it to yourself and our City to find something that will get your butt back on a bike.  Everyday, everywhere.   Leave the car at home, maybe even sell it.  Better it is parked at home than crawling at 2 mph downtown. 

At Seattle E-Bike,  we believe we have the most different bikes, and the best bikes  
We can find the right one for you.   Call 206-344-8000 right now an make an appointment for a FREE test ride.  As eloquent as I like to think I am, I cannot explain the joy and liberation that you feel in the first 5 minutes of your ride.  Better than the day your parents took the training wheels off.

Stay tuned, when I get back from Europe, we will be introducing a device that will make E-Bikes even more useful than they already are!

Ride safe, but Ride. 

Brian Nordwall, Founder, Seattle E-Bike.


Seattle E-Bike Teams Up With Starbucks


The Seattle E-Bike team is very excited to announce that we have teamed up with Starbucks! This Wednesday, June 8, 2016 we made our debut outside the Starbucks World Headquarters. We have made an agreement with Starbucks to offer free e-bike test rides right outside their front door. Every Wednesday and Friday from 11:00am- 1:00pm, the team will be out there showcasing the various electric bike lines that we have to offer.

Whether you are a Starbucks employee, on a lunch break in the area, or thinking of electric bikes but don't know what to expect, come down for a free test ride! It has never been easier to get a feel for an electric bike, get more information on any bikes we have on display, or to make an appointment to try any bike we have in store. 

Stay up-to-date with our Twitter to find out what bikes we are showing for the day!

Note: We will be closed Friday, June 9, 2016 for a team building exercise, but you can find us at Starbucks next Wednesday, June 15, 2016.

Details about the photo displayed: The Blix Vika, one of the three electric bikes that we showcased at the Starbucks World Headquarters on June 8, 2016.


Batman Bikeboard Private Reveal!

Don't miss out on the redesigned Conway Bikeboard's! Four companies competed against each other by building their own model with the Conway Bikeboard. Last weekend, all four companies presented their new designs with a private Grand Reveal in Spanaway, Washington at the Puget Sound Go Kart Association. After the private Grand Reveal, the four designs competed against each other in three challenges. The three challenges were unknown to everyone until the reveal. 

Challenge #1: Agility:Each team had to ride down a 30-yard stretch of the track. The challenge though, was that every 10-yards, the team had to weave in and out of cones. For every cone that the team avoided the team earned 1 point and any cones knocked down deducted team points.
After each team weaved their way through the tricky cones, one winner stood. The Conway Bikeboard team.

Challenge #1 Results: Conway- 20 points, Seattle E-Bike-0, Garage Asylum-0, Huff Motorsports-0

Challenge #2: Short Distance Speed Race with an awkward item attached to the rider. The fastest team down the 30-yard straight shot would win 20 points. Each team had to draw a card and that card coordinated with a prop they needed to attach to their bike. Garage Asylum ended up with large, stuffed soccer balls. Huff sports had to drag a parachute. Conway Bikeboards had to tow a two-wheeled skateboard with an additional weight on top. Seattle E-Bike had to wear a purple kids backpack. With all the objects in tow, each bike raced down the 30-yard straight shot. Riding furiously forward. The first to fall victim to their towable item was the Conway Bikeboard team; the weight fell off of their skateboard and therefore disqualified them. The rest of the bikes continued on and the purple kids backpack passed the finish line first.

Challenge #2 Results: Seattle E-Bike- 20 points. Conway Bikeboards- 20 points. Garage Asylum- 0 points. Huff Motorsports- 0 points. 

Challenge #3: A Race Around the Go Kart Track. The teams had to race around the entire Puget Sound Go Kart Association track twice. However it is a lot easier said than done. The track had some hills and sharp twists and turns that provided a challenge for all the racers. The race was well-fought and quite entertaining to watch. Each team did great! At the end of the two laps, the rankings were as follows.

Challenge #3 Results: Seattle E-Bike- 40 points. Conway Bikeboards- 20 points. Garage Asylum- 0 points. Huff Motorsports- 0 points.

The Seattle E-Bike team is in the lead with just one Challenge of the Conway Bikeboard Build Off Challenge left and it requires all of your support! 

Challenge #4 Best Bikeboard Build: All the teams of the Conway Bikeboard Build Off Challenge will be revealing them privately at the Pioneer Square First Thursday Art Walk tonight! The next time you can catch all the bikes will be at the Waterline Festival-Wheels and Keels-Car, Motorcycle, Wooden Boat Festival at Des Moines Marina July 24, 2016! Come out to see all the awesome bikes that the teams have built and vote on your favorite bike! The team with the most votes will earn 50 points. At this point in the competition, anyone could win it!

To check out more details like pictures and videos, go to our Facebook page! 

The "Original" Conway Bikeboard






Come check out bikes that have electric motors, custom design fenders, motorized hubs, flame throwers, 



Viaduct Closures: Why not Bike to Work?

The viaduct will be closed THIS FRIDAY for TWO WEEKS! 
How inconvenient? Yes, inconvenience are most worst fears.... but why not ride your bike or electric bike (e-bike) instead?

With the viaduct being closed for a few weeks of course congestion will happen in alternative routes, doesn't it already? Why not save yourself time, money, hassle and just drive to work?

You'll help the environment :) GO GREEN!!!


Local news in Seattle have a few suggestions on alternative routes. 

SEATTLE -- Transportation leaders throughout the city of Seattle have been working for many months on finding alternate transportation options for drivers during the upcoming two-week Alaskan Way Viaduct closure which begins April 29.

Metro Transit will re-route 12 bus routes that normally travel the viaduct through downtown and SODO. They want riders to expect delays throughout the system, but they also want them to know that they are doing everything they can to make sure the delays are as small as possible.

“When we’re re-routing 12 bus routes off the viaduct we’re also putting into play 22 operator assignments throughout the day. That means that those bus routes that face delays. We’re going to be able to put in standby buses to help maintain the schedule so we can help maintain the reliability as best we can even in the face of major traffic delays,” Metro spokesperson Jeff Switzer said.

Metro Transit also offers 1,500 volunteer vanpools and they hope you consider taking one of those as well.

“In places where those van pools have an extra seat we’re asking those riders to check in with co-workers, check in with neighbors to see, ‘Hey, do you want to have a free ride during the closure?’ and if we can fill those seats that’s going to take a couple cars off the road, maybe a couple dozen, maybe a couple hundred,” Switzer said. “If you go into this closure with a plan for your commute you’re going to be way better off. You’re going to be calmer. You’re going to feel more confident about how you get through the system. There’s going to be delays throughout the system no matter where you’re coming from, you should pad your schedule and bring patience to the table.”

Water Taxi leaders have also prepared for the viaduct closure. They will be adding sailings from Vashon Island and adding parking for those who want to take the route from West Seattle.

Water Taxi is adding five additional round trips during the closure on the 22-minute commute from Vashon Island to Seattle. On the 10-minute commute from West Seattle, Water Taxi will add more than 300 additional parking spots on the West Seattle side. Also, they plan to run a shuttle along the street with additional parking to pick up any travelers who may be interested in a ride. If you opt to take the Water Taxi you can pay with cash, credit card, or Orca Card.

If you have additional questions about the specifics of the changes, you can find more information online at

We also have full coverage of the viaduct closure and its effects on, the KING 5 App and Seattle Traffic App.

Copyright 2016 KING

Widespread traffic gridlock expected as Alaskan Way Viaduct closes next Friday for Bertha dig

SEATTLE -- Next Friday, the Alaskan Way Viaduct will close for two weeks so Bertha can dig a tunnel only 15 feet below the foundation -- the closest the machine will come to any structure.

When the huge machine crosses under Alaskan Way and Yesler Way, people may not feel the vibrations from the dig but many are likely to feel the pain of the resulting traffic gridlock.

“It`s not going to be pretty,” commuter Tammie Burks said.

Commute Seattle, along with the Washington State Department of Transportation, handed out brochures Friday encouraging companies and employees to change work hours.

“If you don't have the ability to flex your hours, one great option, at least in the evening, is to stay downtown go to happy hour,” said Jessica Szelag, executive director of Commute Seattle, an organization supported by the Downtown Transportation Alliance.

During a 2011 viaduct closure, the morning commute started two hours early, at 4 a.m., and lasted until 10 a.m. Going home, traffic built up as early as 2 p.m. and stayed congested until 8 p.m.

And don`t think you`ll only feel it in Seattle. The gridlock will likely stretch up and down Interstate 5, I-405 and the bridges between Seattle and the Eastside.

“It`s the one safe route, to take the train,” Burks said.

About 90,000 cars use the viaduct each day. As tough as it will be on traffic, WSDOT said, they need to shut it down so they can monitor the structure as Bertha passes underneath.

“It’s the most analyzed, most inspected structure in all of Washington state. We have a very good handle on it, we can monitor it to a millimeter worth of movement,” David Sowers of WSDOT said.

And the engineers have shored up the viaduct with underground pilings, vertical steel beams and carbon fiber to make sure nothing will go wrong.

WSDOT said they don`t see the need to bar ground traffic from the area underneath the viaduct during Bertha's dig. They believe it`s safe and will only create more chaos by restricting traffic.

Engineers say they are confident Bertha will not get stuck under the viaduct. If something does go wrong WSDOT says, they plan to keep the viaduct closed to traffic until Bertha can dig 350 feet to the other side.

On Friday, April 29, the Alaskan Way Viaduct is closing for two weeks while Bertha digs her tunnel underneath it. That's going to displace roughly 90,000 vehicles/day that use the major Seattle artery, so you better believe everyone in the region is pulling out all the stops to cot down on traffic, delays, and disruptions this is going to cause.

Depending on how you commute and where you work, there's surely some kind of help that you should take advantage of.


If you take King County Metro transit, know that the 12 buses that use the viaduct as part of their route are being re-routed. Because those buses will now move through Downtown and SoDo, expect some delays. However, they're also putting a bunch of standby buses on alert to make up for that.

Metro recommends trying to take the bus earlier in the morning than you usually do and later in the day than you usually do on your commute. Doing so ensures you're more likely to get home without sitting in delays.


If you're traveling into Seattle from the south and you've never taken the Link light rail for some weird reason, you should totally try it next week. Your route might be a little different and you might have to do a little more walking then you're used to but the ride is pretty smooth and you'll be helping to eliminate one more car from whatever hellish traffic awaits us all. Now that the line runs all the way up to Capitol Hill and UW, there's even more reason to give it a go.

If you're traveling into Seattle from the north, find your nearest Sounder Train station. It starts up in Everett and stops in Mukilteo and Edmonds en route to Seattle. There are four trips into town in the morning and four back north in the evening. Who knows, you might decide this is the way to go instead of sitting in traffic every day.

Water Taxi


King County Water Taxi is adding extra trips to and from Vashon Island to Colman Dock over the closure. There will be additional parking at Pier 2 in West Seattle for the water taxi’s new, larger-capacity boat, complete with shuttle service. They will be adding sailings from Vashon Island. There are worse ways to commute, you know...


Colman Dock will remain open to vehicles and pedestrians during the closure but it's going to have major traffic impacts, including increased congestion. Ferry commuters are advised to adjust travel schedules to avoid the heaviest traffic and to walk aboard instead of driving if possible.


Metro Transit has 1,500 volunteer vanpools on the road and they're hoping you use this chance to try one out. You can also coordinate a RideShare of your own.


Talk about the perfect time to give bike commuting a try. Check out Seattle's bike commuter amenities map to help you figure out your route, where to lock up your bike, and where you can find special stopping spots along the way. Or see if there's a Pronto Cycle Share station near where you live and give that a whirl.If you're concerned about car traffic, well, it's going to be at a standstill all week, so it's probably the best time possible to bike it in the middle of Seattle.

Stay Later If You Can

We know, you don't want to spend all day at the office, but if it makes life easier to stay longer, it could be a win-win. Urban Renassaince Group announced this week that they're extending building hours in their nine office buildings across downtown Seattle in order to help. Operating hours for their buildings will extend from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and will continue until the viaduct reopens. Those places include Columbia Tower & Columbia House, 1600 Seventh Avenue Building, Second and Seneca Building, 1101 Second Avenue Building, 2200 First Building, Plaza 600 Building, Joshua Green Building and Seattle Tower.


Seattle Installs Speed Bumps To Slow Speedy Bicyclists...

SEATTLE -"Speed bumps are being installed on Seattle's Second Avenue bike lane in an effort to slow speeding bicyclists.

The busy downtown area has a steady mix of pedestrians, hotel entrances and parking garage driveways.

But, workers say too many bicyclists are going too fast through the area.

A series of four speed bumps will be added to the bike lane. Crews are also installing more than 150 planter boxes to help separate the bike and parking lanes.

A city traffic engineer says the speed bumps will help create well-marked passenger load zones.

The new speed bumps and planters are expected to be in place by mid-April." 

Click here to see the video.




Spring Sale Tune-Ups for All Bike Types!


Seattle Bike Show, Fashion Show, Artwalk... Let's party!

Our last art walk ended up being a big hit!

Our live artist, Joshua Boulet, made his art debut in-store while folks enjoyed watching and sipping the vino and grubbing on healthy snacks. Boulet has been featured on the front cover of the Seattle Weekly numerous times specializing mostly in black and white, combining brush pen with a tricked-out Pilot pen he refills manually with Dr. Ph. Martin Black India ink. His work has wonderful detail, a distinct graphic-novel style and storytelling flavor. An additional mystery guest artist will be joining us for the first time as well! 
Read more about Joshua from our blog
If you didn't make it out to the last one, then you should this time since we will be welcoming Mr. Boulet once again! For those that have never made it out to the monthly event, click here: Pioneer Square's First Thursday Art Walk!

PLEASE NOTE: We are CLOSED on Thursday until our Art Walk event at 5:00 PM in preparation for the Seattle Bike Show. We will be accepting appointments if made in advance.

You may email us at: or call us to arrange a time. 

FREE PARKING is available from 5-10pm Thursday evening at a few garages in the area! For more details, follow this link:

March 5th and 6th at the Century Link Event Center

Saturday, March 5th: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday, March 6th: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

The Seattle Bike Show features the best of biking – no matter your destination – with more than 125 exhibitors, a stand out line-up of speakers & presenters – and it is a great way to support the biking community of our region. This is your once-a-year chance to see the entire biking community under one roof.

We will be there and we hope you will be as well! We are excited to show everyone what we've been up to and are working diligently to making sure this event is better than ever. 

SEATTLE E-BIKE FASHION SHOW || March 5th || 12:30pm - 1:00pm










See some awesome bike-friendly clothing go down the runway at the annual Seattle Bike Show on Saturday, March 5th, along with some of the most innovative meets cool-factor bikes and electric bikes. We will also be allowing folks to take a spin on some of our e-bike favorites on the test track built inside the show. If interested in trying out, find us at the booth and we will set you up on one!

Thank you to our following Sponsors of the Fashion Show:

**Part of the proceeds from the show will be going towards Bikes for Little Buddies, a non-profit organization that specializes in finding bikes for underprivileged children and youth groups.**
Every attendee to the Seattle Bike Show gets FREE admission to the Travel, Adventure, Gear Expo and the Seattle Golf & Travel Show - all part of the Northwest Outdoor Recreation Festival
Adults ($12 + $1.34 Convenience Fee)
Youth (17 & under) Free


Starting next weekend, we will now be OPEN on Sundays and throughout the Summer from 12:00pm - 5:00pm. 


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We carry bike accessories from all the top brands. ABUS, BROOKS, CONTINENTAL, CRANK BROTHERS, KASK, KINEKT, KNOG, MAXXIS, MONKEYLECTRIC, SELLE ROYAL, SHIMANO, THULE, and more. Come try out our electric bikes, boards, and scooters at Seattle E-Bike at 220 South...

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