The unique Rayvolt Cruzer



Normally we put the picture in the middle of the blog, but the Rayvolt Cruzer is such a unique vehicle, that it deserves to have its picture first.


 This bike is the E-bike for the complete iconoclast, or as addition to the E-Bike fleet of someone who  already has a commuter E-Bike.


This stunner of an E-bike is a true cruiser, perhaps the ultimate E-cruiser. With its chrome and leather accents, this bike exudes beauty and power. Most of all it is long, low, and fast. When you ride it you can live out your Easy Rider fantasy. If  you don’t have one, you can just rejoice in how cool it is and all the resulting attention you receive. It captivates with the look of a vintage Indian motorcycle.  


 Forbes Magazine has even referred to this bike as, “A feast for the eyes.”


 This bike is also fast. With a 2000 watt hub motor, it takes off like a rocket and will quickly get you to its top speed of 32 Mph.


Come in for a test ride. Be one of the cool kids.

For more detailed information about the Cruzer go to our blog titled the Rayvolt Experience