The Urban Arrow Shorty

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The Urban Arrow Shorty


Urban Arrow of the Netherlands makes Cargo Bikes. Their Cargo Bike line rules in Europe.

I discovered them at Eurobike in Europe some years ago and we became one of their first US dealers. Back then, they would only ship one model to the U.S. - the Family. I really like the Family but I always loved the Shorty the best.

Now there’s Urban Arrow USA. We no longer have to wait for a freighter from Europe as there is a U.S. warehouse. We can now stock the Shorty as well as the Family and order any of their products, including their E-Bike that can hold a quarter of a container. Here is a link to some more information.

Back to the Shorty.

As you may notice, the Shorty is only about 8 inches longer than a standard E-Bike so it handles pretty much like a regular bike. Yet it can still carry an amazing amount of cargo. In this video, it carries two of my grandchildren, Evelyn and Bennie:

O.K., leaving out the kids, there’s room for a week’s worth of groceries for a family of four. As with all Urban Arrows, the engineering is superb. They have a NuVinci infinite gearbox with a graphical shift selector that’s a joy to see and operate.

Like all Urban Arrows, it’s a great value, but it is not inexpensive. We sell the Shorty for $5,500. It‘s worth every penny. Just ask Evelyn and Bennie.