UPS and Torqeedo recognize that Seattle E-Bike’s Service Capability is the best!

Torqeedo and U.P.S. at Seattle E-Bike

At Seattle E-Bike, we not only service what we sell, we service what other people sell.  As E-Bike’s explode in popularity, more and more shops are selling them, often with no supporting service department.  Then there is the “wealth” of online choices.  Some of them repairable, some of them hopeless.  If your third party vendor E-Bike seems hopeless, it may be, but you should try us first.  We have the tech’s and tens of thousands of spare parts.

United Parcel Service thinks so.  They are about to begin Beta testing a “Brown” electric trike in Seattle.  They need two hour service, and they have contracted with us to give it to them.  We will.  If you soon see 20 or 40 clean green electric UPS truck trikes on the streets, it will be in part because we made them work for them.

German electric boat motor manufacturer
Torqeedo also has recognized our technical prowess.  Some months ago, Torqeedo invited us to send our lead tech to their training school in Crystal Lake, Illinois.  They have now designated Seattle E-Bike a designated authorized service center, the twelfth in North America and the only one between Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston.  

Torqeedo makes the best marine electric motor in the world, there are hundred or more Torqeedo dealers in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba to name a few.  And they all now have a much closer service center to get repairs.

Only one authorized Service Center, Seattle E-Bike.