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Watch This Video

If you follow this blog, you know that for years I’ve been talking about how enormously efficient E-Bikes are. More recently, I have been explaining that electric cars do not actually reduce emissions on a global scale. Instead they just move the problem down the road.

Well, it turns out I did not know the half of it.

Zach Grapfl is an engineer and the E-Mobility Marketing Development Manager for the Gates Corporation (no relation to Bill). They make the Gates Belt Drive found on many of our E-Bikes. Zach has been in the E-Bike Business since 2008 when he was one of the co-developers of the Bosch E-Bike drive system.

Here is a great video of a Ted Talks presentation he made that explains vividly and in great detail exactly why E-Bikes are the greatest thing since sliced bread - maybe even greater.

When I watched it, I learned that E-Bikes are an even more resource efficient transportation method than non-electric bikes or walking. Hard to believe? Watch the video.