We are Seattle E-Bike but we also sell awesome electric skateboards!

Is an electric skateboard an E-Bike?  Of course not. Is it fun like an E-Bike?  Yes, definitely. Will it get you where you want to go around town quickly and efficiently like an E-Bike.  Yes, definitely. If you ride it to or from your bus, will you have to hope there's room on the front rack for it like an E-Bike? Absolutely not.

We carry an awesome brand called Evolve, it is extremely powerful and fast.  If you’re average weight, it will hit close to 30 mph on the road wheels, around 25 mph on the all-terrain wheels.  We mainly sell the all-terrain wheels. They have 8 inch tires, they hold air, so they absorb, and they are good in rain.

Why are all-terrain wheels so popular? Because this is Seattle, the sign should say: "welcome to Seattle where our roads are really off-road".  Smooth things out with an Evolve all-terrain setup.  PS This is one wicked machine, you need some experience to be safe.

We also sell the Boosted Board. It’s a little less powerful, not much, but quite a bit lighter.  Most boarders will find a Boosted to be quite exhilarating.

Come in, prove you have some chops, and take one for a test ride.


We carry bike accessories from all the top brands. ABUS, BROOKS, CONTINENTAL, CRANK BROTHERS, KASK, KINEKT, KNOG, MAXXIS, MONKEYLECTRIC, SELLE ROYAL, SERFAS, SHIMANO, THULE, and more. Come try out our electric bikes, boards, and scooters at Seattle E-Bike at 220 South Jackson Street in Seattle. We’re open Tues - Fri 10:30AM - 7PM, Sat 11AM - 6PM, Sunday & Mon closed. tel 206-344-8000.