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                            YOU CAN SHOP AND GET SERVICE AT SEATTLE-BIKE  

                                   (safely, despite Covid 19(see our plan below)

                                    AND SAVE A BUNDLE WHILE YOU’RE AT IT


The Downtown core was one of the first areas to be impacted by social distancing so we have had time to revise the operations of our business to best serve our customers during this time.   Obviously, if the Governor shuts down all retailers, all of this will change, but here is our plan for the duration of the worst of the viral siege.

We are open, but understand many people do not want to enter any buildings. So we are open on a limited basis.  You should know that our 3000 square foot sales floor will never have more than two staff for the duration. 


We think we have figured out a good system to accommodate you during these difficult times.   Here is the plan:


  •  Our front door will be locked, but we have Aaron, our top mechanic, inside working full time. To allow him to focus, we will accept, without an appointment, drop offs for mechanical work Tuesday through Saturday, from 12 to 1 and 1:30 to 4. Just knock on the window to Aaron’s station, on the West side of the building. If he is away from his station during those hours, call him at the store number, 206-344-8000. He may be downstairs getting parts. He will meet you outside in front to take your bike in for service. 


  • To buy a bike, or take a test ride, or other sales-related matters, call our store at 206.344.8000 and leave a voicemail to make an appointment for test rides and sales. We will also meet you outside if you like.


  • Every bike has been thoroughly cleaned with a powerful anti-viral, anti-bacterial solution. After any test ride or other use, it is cleaned again.  Every bike or E-Bike that you bring in for service will be returned to you, after treatment, more microbe-free than it has probably ever been.


                                   It is the perfect opportunity to buy from Seattle E-Bike.

                                             12% OFF AND FREE DELIVERY, and... 

Clearance E-Bikes are 30 percent off the MSRP price, and Project bikes are  40% off the marked price, which will often be 80% off.


This is an unprecedented discount on all of our models and brands. But these are unprecedented times.  


Because so many of you have been in the store several times and taken test rides,  or are extraordinarily good at research and you may be ready to buy, especially at these prices.  If you are a strict self isolator (a 3-day old term we will never forget) you can still buy an E-Bike, and WE WILL DELIVER IT TO YOU, disinfected and ready to go. 


  • Regrettably, the credit card companies have changed their policies, so you cannot use your credit card without running it through our chip reader.  We have a very safe procedure: the reader is 4 feet from the front door. It is wiped with solution after every transaction, and again right before the next.  We will even provide you with a fresh latex glove if you wish. Then we will bring your bike to you outside and fit you. If the bike needs to be built or accessorized, we will deliver it to you. 


  • If you have banned yourself completely from coming into town, you can  still buy an E-Bike from us. Just mail us a personal check. I will take a little longer, it takes 4 to 7 days to clear, but it saves you from coming in our store, which we remind you, is disinfected and large enough for social distancing.  Once your check clears, we will arrange to deliver your E-Bike.  


Once a week we will run deliveries. Because traffic is so light, we can deliver as far South as Sea-Tac, as far North as Edmonds, as far West as the Sound, and as far East as Issaquah.  


As our recent blog describes (link) an E-Bike or bike is about the best way to get around right now.  And, while you are working from home, you have time (we won’t tell) to do some extra riding in the favourable weather we have been having.  I am fortunate enough to live on Alki Beach, and every day is Saturday right now, E-Bikes, bikes, walkers, and everyone (except their dogs and mine)  maintaining social distance. Dogs and social distance will never happen. 


And… it’s a great time to take a test ride.  The traffic is minimal, as you no doubt know.  


Come down for service, or give us a call.  Your safety is our primary concern, and we will make it work for your requirements.  All of us need to go out and ride bikes, this is the time to buy, for you and your family.