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One of the best ways to use electric assist is with a Cargo Bike.  Our Johnny Loco “Minivan” is a great example.  We have just added 2 more, both manufactured by Yuba, of Petaluma California.  The Yuba Mundo is the flagship, with lots of extra room for a young teenager riding shotgun, a child, or an infant in a seat, with more room in various places for groceries, etc.  The Boda is a smaller version of the Yuba, less room, but still a lot, and it's less money and weight.  Both bikes accept Yuba’s amazing variety of accessories that help you carry your cargo - human or otherwise. The Mundo is available in Tangerine Orange, Pacific Blue, or Matte Black, and the Boda in Apple Green and white. 

We sell these bikes with or without electric power, and all power options are the best center drives we have found, the eRad from Lectic Cycles.  We recommend the most powerful unit, 750 watts, as the Yubas can handle large loads and lots of power.  Prices are $1499 for the Mundo and $999 for the Boda.
For the center drive power, add $1499 to $1900 depending on power and battery options.