Kulshan Scooter S3 Pro

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Scooters can be picked up at our Seattle store.
To ship a scooter please call 206-344-8000 for pricing.

Our new Kulshan Electric Scooter is even faster than the old one. This scooter weighs only 27 pounds and has a 350 watt hub motor. It goes about 18 mph carrying a 180 lb person about 10 miles. You can find scooters for less at big box discounters but they usually only have a 250 watt motor and can't quite make it up hills. This one also offers cruise control and regenerative breaking which adds energy back to the battery. And remember, unlike the big box stores, Seattle E-Bike services what it sells.

The light weight and the quick fold-and-lock makes inter-modal transportation a breeze. If you’re scooting to a bus, train, ferry, or light rail, just fold and click, grab the handle, and walk on. Watch how easily it folds here. It's last year's model and looks a little different but the mechanism is exactly the same.

- Three speed levels
- Cruise control
Regenerative breaking
- Digital display (km or miles)
- Horn
- Kick stand

- Tubeless tires with improved tread (no air, no flats)
- Front and rear brakes
- Front and rear lights
- Turn signals
- Side running lights
- Front and rear suspension

- 3-4 hour charge time
- Lithium battery can be recharged up to 1,000 times
- Charger included
- Folded dimensions: 13.5" High x 37.5" Long x 7.5" Wide
- Available in black.
Six-month limited warranty.


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