Urban Arrow Family

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The Urban Arrow Cargo is the most efficient means of transportation to make the last mile a green mile. It’s fast, immune to traffic jams, and it can also carry a heavy and large load of freight. But apart from its many business advantages, the Cargo has another big plus that makes it even more attractive than a van - this bicycle keeps the city livable with zero emissions, which reflects positively on your company’s image and helps the environment.

The Cargo is capable of carrying 12.5 cubic feet of cargo weighing up to a total weight of 330 pounds. Delivering cargo and products in crowded urban environments can now be done with ease and much more efficiently than a 4-wheeled vehicle, giving you the advantage.

Colors: White, Black
Weight: 112.4 lbs
Motor: 250w Bosch Active Mid Drive
Motor Drive Control: Pedal Assist
Top Speed: 20 mph
Battery: 36v, 11.6AH
Miles Per Charge: 30 to 43 miles
Charge Time: 3.5 hours
Total Max Rider & Cargo Weight: 330lbs
Brakes: Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Gears: NuVinci N380 Stepless Gears


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